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Memorial Day has come and gone, and summer is finally here! Therefore, it’s time for you to pack your bags and hit the road to see new sights and experience everything this great country has to offer. Now, you’re probably thinking that you’ve already seen the wide open vistas of the Grand Canyon; the grandeur of the Empire State Building; and the glitz of Hollywood. You are looking for something new, something to get your blood pumping. We here at ComicsVerse World Tours have just the solution, and we are willing to offer a discounted rate for a five-day stay in the Diamond of the East Coast!

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Gotham City — For the Brave and the Bold

Pay no mind to stories claiming Gotham City was founded on an ancient burial site for an evil warlock. Even in a world of superheroes, these are but rumors and speculation. Tales of the evil “Dr. Gotham’s” influence tainting the city’s soil is a story to scare children. He, like the alleged Court of Owls, don’t exist, and most definitely don’t influence the city or its future through murder and manipulation.

Once home to the Miagani, a now missing and forgotten Native American tribe, Gotham was founded as a Dutch Settlement in the Southern portions of New Jersey. While accounts vary between tellings, Gotham Town was founded as a major trading port by Gotham’s three most influential families. The Waynes, the Elliots, and the Cobblepots placed the cornerstone of what would become this great city, and all three rose to prominence in the following years. One can even see Wayne Tower poking its gleaming head above the grand skyline of the city.

To be honest, Gotham doesn’t have the greatest of reputations. With the growing number of super-criminals, you may fear for your family’s safety, but we can assure you that your time in Gotham will be marked by safety. The fine officers of the Gotham City Police Department devote their lives to protecting the city. With their piloted police blimps, Gotham’s streets have never been safer. We do suggest that you stay in and lock your doors at night, but that’s for your own comfort, not your safety. Gotham, with its perfusion of superheroes like Batman, Etrigan, and Black Canary, is one of the safest cities on Earth. Trust us!

Visit the Sites!

Visiting Gotham is like stepping back through time into a past of heroes, villains, and world-saving antics. We won’t judge you if you want to relax by the pool all day, but we must encourage you to step outside and witness the wonders of the city Lois Lane called “Not the worst city in the world!” Included in your package are meals and guided tours through the city’s worst — I mean, best dining opportunities and excursions. So hold onto your neighbor’s hand and stay with the group at all times. You aren’t going to want to miss a thing from these amazing adventures!

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Amusement Mile

Gotham City
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

While closed for several years, Amusement Mile has recently been rebuilt by the generosity of Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, Dick Grayson. This former circus star has returned one of Gotham’s finest sites to the people, and it has thrived since reopening.

Set on the scenic Gotham Boardwalk, Amusement Mile is the perfect getaway for the kids and the kids at heart. With dozens of rides like the Grundy Spin, the Mad Hatter Illusion Box, or the Riddler Round-Up Escape Room, the laughs never stop. Should you feel brave, stop by Joker’s Fun House. Once the base of operations for Gotham’s most lost citizen, the Joker, the Fun House has been converted to a haunted underground ride through Gotham’s spookiest Urban Legends. Make sure to keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times. The Joker did like to keep souvenirs.

*Disclaimer: Amusement Mile was once a site for organized crime, and crime sometimes tries to dig its way back in. Security is on guard at all times, but do note that events several years ago led to the banning of all circus performances. Should you see any clowns, especially in purple suits, notify the nearest security officer.

Iceberg Lounge

Gotham City
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Looking for an establishment to satisfy your more adult amusements? Stop by the Iceberg Lounge, Gotham’s most famous nightclub! Though it was once the meeting place for mob bosses, the proprietor Oswald Cobblepot has reformed his ways and now runs an establishment of good memories and even better music. The great-great grandson of one of Gotham’s founders, Oswald makes frequent visits to the Lounge for drink and dance.

With gambling abound and half-price drinks never, you may pay witness to the most famous citizens of the Gotham underworld. Carmine Falcone and his family of “former” gangsters make an appearance every Friday night, and the “reformed” criminal Black Mask runs a totally legitimate restaurant out of the back. TOTALLY LEGITIMATE, and I wasn’t paid to say that or had the words beaten into me. I’m a COMPLETELY objective party that simply loves the atmosphere of the Iceberg and wants you to spend your money there. Also, if you are behind on your gambling debts, fear the Penguin’s Umbrella Gun. Fear it.

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*Disclaimer: Recent appearances of the Red Hood vigilante have prompted tighter security on the premises. Furthermore, The Penguin… I mean, Mr. Cobblepot wants me to remind you that “this $*%& has forgotten who runs this town. The first person to bring the $&%* killer in gets a $1 Million reward.”

Park Row

Gotham City
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

While it has received the rather unfortunate nickname “Crime Alley,” Park Row is the historic district of our fair city. For those travelers on a budget, Park Row offers dozens of opportunities to experience Gotham City’s true face. Take a private tour of the grand and recently reopened Monarch Theater. Once the pinnacle of Gotham’s film and performance culture, the Monarch was closed after the unfortunate deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne over twenty years ago.

Park Row has suffered some hardship, but a growing culture of small businesses has built “Crime Alley” into a thriving and cheap getaway experience. Home to some of the city’s most cost effective pubs and theaters, Park Row also has the largest number of eye-witness accounts for the city’s superhero community. Batman especially has been seen tending to the Waynes’ memorials. This writer believes that Batman has a special connection to Crime Alley as a reminder of how important the average citizen is.

*Disclaimer: This advertisement is paid for and authorized by the fine folks at Wayne Industries. W.I. has put Gotham on the map, though owner Bruce Wayne rarely shows his face at interviews.

 Slaughter Swamp

Gotham City
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Looking for a scenic tour of the native Gotham wildlife? Situated just outside the city lies Slaughter Swamp State Park. With daily tours taking place, explore the vast and unforgiving waters of the swamp lands by boat or by foot.

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Due to its unfortunate name, travelers may be wary of visiting one of Gotham’s natural treasures. Yet, it would be foolish to miss out on this opportunity. Explore the unique flora and fauna of Slaughter Swamp, from the rarest giant crocodile to the occasional sighting of Gotham’s most popular Urban Legend. Back in 1895, prospector Cyrus Gold was killed out in those waters, and some folks believe he came back five decades later as the villainous zombie, Solomon Grundy. Yet much like Bigfoot, Brainiac, or the Green Lantern Corps., Grundy is nothing more than an urban legend.

*Disclaimer: While Grundy is an urban legend, there have been reports in the swamps of violent animal attacks. Listen carefully to your tour guide, and run away from anything with pale white skin and black eyes. We swear. The zombie isn’t real. We think…

Arkham Asylum

Gotham City
Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Feeling charitable? Spend a day volunteering at the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. With so many inmates, the staff is short-handed at best. With your help, the patients under Dr. Hugo Strange’s care can get the help they deserve. Please ignore the functional Bat-Suit stashed in Strange’s quarters. According to him, he has no psychological obsessions with the vigilante. Trust his opinion; he’s been working here for ten years!

Dozens of Gotham’s most dangerous citizens stay here, though due to new security measures, there have only been three escapes this month! That’s down 92% from last month! Your tasks will mostly include patient interaction and food service. No evening shifts exist. Arkham’s patients get a little rambunctious when the moon comes out.

Also, be sure to swing by Dr. Victor Fries’ cell. Arkham has a history of housing physically ill patients like Dr. Fries, patients that require experimental accommodations that normal prisons don’t provide. Nowhere outside of Belle Reve Penitentiary holds a higher concentration of superpowered residents. These patients need your help to reenter society. They need a guiding hand to carry them back onto the streets. Trust me, they don’t bite.

*Disclaimer: In the cases of patients like Waylon Jones (Killer Croc) or scientist Kirk Langstrom (Man-Bat), the inmates do bite. However, you’re more likely to be stabbed, shot, strangled, beaten, hung, injected, or have your soul stolen long before you ever face these dangerous patients.

**Disclaimer: Be careful of what you bring. The advised list of items to keep at home include: pens, pencils, paper, precious gems or metals, purses, wallets, bottle caps, plastic containers, flashlights, batteries, food, drink, cell phones, pictures, IDs, video game devices, video game cartridges, nail files, nail clippers, etc.

Visit the Coastal Diamond… Today!

Gotham City has a wide range of activities and hotspots to entertain you during your visit. These are just the locations we recommend most to brighten your trip. So remember, on your way to Gotham, pack a rain jacket, a poncho, and a bulletproof vest. For comfort reasons. Trust me, you’re going to have a safe, fun, exhilarating, and safe time during your visit. Finally, if you’ve been to Gotham City through ComicsVerse World Tours, be sure to drop a comment down below about your favorite experiences and hotspots. We’ll be sure to include them in future travel brochures. Welcome to your next adventure at ComicsVerse World Tours!

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