ComicsVerse Tours has taken you throughout the thralls of Earth to exciting locations across our fabulous multiverse. Yet do you find that your home planet lacks the true potential of the whole universe? Have your travels in Sector 2814 of our galaxy only spurred your interest in the greater mysteries of the cosmos? Are you not so attached to your friendly dose of oxygen that you aren’t afraid to discover what else space has in store for you? Well then, through the authority of the Green Lantern Corps, ComicsVerse Tours is proud to take you on an intergalactic vacation to the planet Oa.

Oa as displayed to you earthlings in a disappointing adaptation.


The Guardians of the Universe, the sole proprietors of Oa, are an awfully private bunch. It was only through a lot of communication, Hal Jordan’s charm, and Guy Gardner’s aggressive stubbornness that we managed to organize this opportunity. I do warn you, dear travelers, that this deal is temporary as the Guardians expect that their great enemy, the monster Parallax, should reform as the epitome of fear in less than six months. They do hope you’ll be off of Oa by the time the fear entity tries to absorb the planet!

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Now you may be wondering “how will I travel millions of light-years to Oa?” We are happy to say that Earth’s local Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, have volunteered to use their rings to transport you. They will create a force field around your body that will bring you across the universe. You’re expected to enjoy quite a fun ride as you see nebulas, black holes, and trillions of planets flash before your eyes in seconds. If the planets aren’t enough, we also provide a selection of music that, if you so choose, can accompany your travels, including calming classical compositions and psychedelic rock albums.

The trip can make you feel sick but luckily the color of the shield is green.

Arrival on Oa

Finally, you’ll arrive on Oa, the center of the universe. If you think that scientifically it’s impossible for there to be a center of the universe, the Guardians have told me to remind you that their intelligence far exceeds that of any human mortal and that you shouldn’t question their logic.

While you proceed through Oa’s extensive security system, you can observe the beauty of Oa’s star, Sto-Oa, and as well as some of its moons. Once the Guardians are sure that you’re not an agent of Sinestro, you’ll be lead into Guardian’s City, Oa’s largest (and only) metropolis. You’ll see the large skyscrapers and futuristic technology jutting out from every corner. The best part: all of this is powered by renewable energy in the form of willpower. Hopefully you like the color green because you’ll be seeing a whole lot of it on Oa.

Guardian’s City at night illuminated by its famous green lights.

The Oans will then keep you in the Sector Houses, where we assure you that you’ll have a comfortable stay. If you have any piece of discomfort, your Lantern hosts are more than happy to accommodate you. Need a comfier pillow? Their rings can project one. Not familiar with alien languages? Their rings can provide you with an instant understanding of all languages in the universe. Is the room too warm? A Lantern could create an air conditioner in seconds.

Guardian’s City Highlights

You can then observe the city life for yourself. Lucky for you, there’s no crime whatsoever on Oa. That’s probably because the planet is only occupied by the universe’s strongest police force. You’ll feel the safest you ever have in your life. Yet, be careful not to commit any crimes: if you so much as litter, you can expect a hundred bored Lanterns to quickly swarm you. I’ve heard that Oa’s prison, the Sciencells, contains the universe’s most ruthless criminals. So it’s probably a good idea to avoid jail.

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You then have the privilege to sit in on a Green Lantern Corps gathering in the large Central Meeting Hall of Oa. There the Green Lanterns will congregate, chant, and flash their rings together. It’s like you’re watching a giant, intergalactic cult.

Guy Gardner opens Warriors to great reviews.

If you want the finest cuisine of your life, Oa is more than happy to provide you with that. Greet, our Executive Chef, is able to replicate dishes from all across the universe. He specializes in alien cuisines from many far-reaching galaxies. Greet has had some difficulty replicating Earth meals, but don’t worry, food loving friend! A human like you, Guy Gardner, has opened up a new drinking and eating establishment known as Warriors. Guy has told us that Warriors is an extremely classy and cultured restaurant which satisfies the finest of appetites. He also promises it serves chicken wings.

Access Cosmic Facilities

The Guardians contemplating… things.

Oa is a historic planet with billions of years of history. The Guardians of the Universe settled here millions of years ago from their home planet of Maltus. On Oa, they used the power of the Central Power Battery to establish a thriving civilization. While the Guardians have told us repeatedly that they will not allow guests to come close to the Power Battery, they will permit you to travel to their Citadel. The Planetary Citadel is the largest structure on Oa and it’s where the Guardians meet and discuss the ongoings of their Green Lanterns Corps and the universe. If you ever want to see nine old, blueish, three-foot tall aliens sit around and talk about how to bring order to the chaos of existence for hours straight, this is the opportunity for you!

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You can also have limited access to other facilities in Guardian’s City. You can pretend you’re a real Green Lantern in the Hazard Simulation Facility, where you can make believe you’re fighting deadly Yellow Lanterns! Then there’s the Green Lantern’s massive library as provided by the Lantern Tomar-Tu. Millions of records and mementos about the history of the Corps are on display here. You can find nearly every piece of information in the universe. This amazing access to endless knowledge is bound to drive you crazy!

Plan Your Trip Now!

Oa represents a once in a lifetime opportunity. Finally, you can leave behind your Earthly life for a few weeks to see what else is out there in space. Whether you’re a human bored with your mundane existence or a reckless wanderer ready to see what this universe has to offer, Oa is the place for you. Find your brightest day. Come to Oa!

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