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Welcome back! This is Episode #24 of the Weekly Comics News Show — a weekly program that brings you the latest in comic book news, new comics, and more. This week, Patrick Aloia and Andrew Rivera are hosting! Together with our creative team, they will scour through new comics releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics.

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In Marvel news, we got some important Twitter info about the return of Marvel’s first family. Marvel tweeted a photo of the Fantastic Four, but with one mysterious element out of place: The Thing is wearing a “2” on his belt instead of a “4.” What could this mean?! We can’t say for sure, but Fantastic Two really doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

Marvel’s EDGE OF VENOMVERSE #1 releases this week. Each issue will feature a Marvel character contending with the Venom symbiote. First up is X-23 as she battles the symbiote for her very soul! Also this week, it’s a battle between Marvel’s favorite R-rated antiheroes with the release of DEADPOOL VS. PUNISHER #5. Which will prove more deadly, Punisher’s bullets, or Deadpool’s painful quips?!

In DC this week, it’s a double Wonder-Whammy of Wonder Woman news! James Robinson, Carlos Pagulyan and Emanuela Lupacchino are taking over the main Wonder Woman comic with its 31st issue, featuring a brand new storyline exploring the first meeting between Diana and her long-lost brother Jason! Meanwhile, famed Wonder Woman writer Gail Simone is returning to the character with a six-issue Wonder Woman/Conan the Barbarian crossover comic! 

In DC/LOONY TUNES news, it looks like Elmer Fudd is hunting a brand new animal. This one’s wearing a cape and cowl and doesn’t much like guns. Batman writer Tom King presents BATMAN/ELMER FUDD SPECIAL #1! Meanwhile, the two biggest, baddest, looniest gunslingers in the West team up in JONAH HEX/YOSEMITE SAM SPECIAL #1! It’s a good old-fashioned Western standoff, DC/LOONY TUNES style!

From Image Comics, THE WALKING DEAD’s most notorious psychotic bat-wielder is back! That’s right! Negan’s swinging good ol’ Lucille again, thanks to a hardcover collection that will collect every issue of his spin-off series, “Here’s Negan!” THE WALKING DEAD’s #1 nut case will be bludgeoning his way onto shelves this October!

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