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Welcome back! This is Episode #19 of the Weekly Comics News Show — a weekly program that brings you the latest in comic book news, new comics, and more. This week, dynamic duo Patrick Aloia and Andrew Rivera are hosting! Together with our creative team, they will scour through releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics.

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Up first in DC news, Geoff Johns has announced DC’s next massive event, “Doomsday Clock.” Johns will return to write the assumed finale of DC Rebirth, which will see Superman go head to head with Dr. Manhattan. The long awaited series follows the events of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH and THE BUTTON.

Elsewhere, we’ve got the exciting announcement of the first annual Wonder Woman Day, to commemorate the release of the Wonder Woman movie on June 3rd! Free copies of WONDER WOMAN #1 will be available at comic book stores around the country to commemorate the day.

Meanwhile, BATMAN writer Tom King is preparing to launch a 12-issue series starring Mister Miracle. The new story of the famed escape artist will be inspired by Tom King’s own near death experience.

Marvel news is a bit sadder this week, with the cancellation announcement of BLACK PANTHER AND THE CREW. The series was struggling in sales despite critical and fan approval. Marvel is allowing the series to finish its first 6-issue arc before it ends its abbreviated run.

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New Comics: What We’re Talking About

  • BATGIRL #11
  • I AM GROOT #1
  • THE FLASH #22

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