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Welcome back! This is Episode #18 of the Weekly Comics News Show — a weekly program that brings you the latest in comic book news, new comics, and more. This week, Patrick Aloia makes his triumphant return, along with co-host Lindsey Mott! Together with our creative team, they will scour through releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics.

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This week in DC news, “The Button” part four is being pushed back a week due to a writer switch-up on BATMAN #22. THE FLASH #22 will now be released May 17th.

Out this Wednesday is TITANS #11, marking the first part of “The Lazarus Contract,” a highly anticipated crossover between TITANS, DEATHSTROKE, and TEEN TITANS. SUICIDE SQUAD #17 also releases, with General Zod joining the ranks as the Squad’s newest member!

From Marvel, Rocket Raccoon is getting a new comic. ROCKET #1 hits shelves Wednesday, timing perfectly with the release of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2. Meanwhile, DEADPOOL celebrates its 30th issue this week with a special 80-page comic!

Finally, from Marvel, a new Star Wars series begins this week with the release of STAR WARS: THE SCREAMING CITADEL. The new comic is a crossover series with the character Doctor Aphra.

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New Comics: What we’re talking about

  • TITANS #11
  • BATMAN #22
  • DEADPOOL #30
  • ROCKET #1

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