From the introduction of the Elongated Man to an 80s retrospective tale to a battle with a powerful religious cult and the return of a familiar face, The Arrowverse has a lot planned for the week of November 1st! Let’s run down the things we are most excited to see on our favorite superhero shows!


SUPERGIRL has partially abandoned its goofy, fun-loving tone to address some serious topics. In Episode 1 and two addressed mental illness with Kara suffering from depression and severe anxiety after sending Mon-El into space.

Then Episode 3 showed Maggie attempt to reconcile with her father after he abandoned her for twenty years because of homosexuality. SUPERGIRL is not fleeing from controversy — they are directly tackling the topic of religious cults in this episode “The Faithful.” In this episode, Kara investigates the leader, Thomas Coville, who has a connection with Supergirl. Perhaps he is secretly an alien?

Then “The Faithful” will focus its attention once again on Samantha Arias and her daughter Ruby. Samantha has just seen a brief burst of her potential power but continues to deny having any supernatural abilities. Perhaps if Ruby is under threat, her powers will once again manifest, and she will become the supervillain Reign.

As we know that Samantha is a decent person, severe hardships are going to have to fall on her to turn her against Supergirl. We know that Samantha will do anything for Ruby but will her love for her daughter bring her against Supergirl? We’ll have to find out this Monday…

THE FLASH: Elongated Journey into Night

THE FLASH continues with it’s lighter tone as the show introduces Ralph Dibney, the Elongated Man.

The promo introduces Ralph Dibney as a dirty cop and someone who has made some enemies. STAR Labs will find him and possibly help him control his powers, setting him on a course for good. The title of the episode, “Elongated Journey into Night,” is a reference to Ralph Dibney’s alter ego, the Elongated Man. Ralph Dibney will possibly help Team Flash figure out who else was on the bus when the dark matter hit it.

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The promo also shows Gypsy’s father, Breacher (played by Danny Trejo), making an appearance on Earth 1. From what was shown, it appears he will not be too happy with Cisco and Gypsy’s relationship.


This week’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW will be a race against time as they learn that their actions of breaking time, will cause Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) to die as a child. The episode title “Phone Home” is a reference to Steven Spielberg’s classic, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. This episode is called “Phone Home” because the episode will have an 80’s vibe and a young Ray Palmer will find a time-displaced baby Dominator in Ivy Town.

This episode will focus more on Ray Palmer and what made him the man he is today. While we know what caused Ray Palmer become The Atom, it will be interesting to see what got him interested in science besides watching Star Wars. The episode will continue to provide the light, and humor it does to every episode as other crazy antics may take place while trying to fix time

ARROW: The Reversal

In Episode 3, ARROW established John Diggle as the newest Green Arrow. Now Episode 4 titled “The Reversal” will present John and his team with a new problem: Black Siren.

Black Siren has been an ever-present threat that even Oliver could not quell. How will John manage this conflict with the Laurel Lance of Earth 2? Will Oliver and Detective Lance feel an urge to redeem Laurel once again? Or have they finally accepted that this Laurel is different than the one that they loved.

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I hope that ARROW continues to develop Black Siren as a character. In Season 5, it felt like the show had never really finished her storyline. ARROW must have big plans for Laurel since the actress who plays her, Katie Cassidy, has been updated to series regular. We still do not know exactly what her motives are so perhaps this episode will reveal this.

Finally, In the next episode let’s hope that this episode answers some of our most stirring questions. These include whether Thea will come out of her comatose, if Diggle is taking mirakuru, and who is the main villain for this season. Find out on ARROW this week!

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