With THE FLASH, SUPERGIRL, and ARROW on a brief hiatus until April, enjoy LEGENDS OF TOMORROW and BLACK LIGHTNING this week on the Arrowverse. Constantine will return to LEGENDS to confront the evil spirit Mallus who has corrupted Sara Lance.

The Legends and Constantine will have to square off with this possessed Sara Lance. Meanwhile, on BLACK LIGHTNING, Jefferson and Anissa continue on their quest for justice.  At the same time, Jennifer grapples with her new found powers and discovers the truth about her family.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’s Sara Lance in Season 3 Episode 15: “Necromancing the Stone”

This week’s episode of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is Season 3, episode 15. Titled “Necromancing the Stone,” this episode follows the Legends as Sara  Lance (Caity Lotz) becomes overtaken by Mallus (voiced by John Noble). According to the synopsis, Sara will become the bearer of the Death Totem.

This will be against her will, as she will be using the totem under the influence of Mallus. Rory (Dominic Purcell) will also confront his dark side, and Sharpe (Jes Macallan) will be looking for help from an unexpected source.

The promo shows Sara opening a box revealing the Death Totem. A voice says that the totem chose her. Her appearance changes, her eyes black, with her hair and skin white. Ray (Brandon Routh) has been harmed, and it’s implied that it’s Sara Lance’s doing. The Legends prepare to confront her yet she might be more than a match for them.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW airs this Monday, 8/7c on the CW

BLACK LIGHTNING Season 1 Episode 9: “The Book of Little Black Lies”

After Black Lightning (Cress Williams) is framed in last weeks episode, he will attempt to clear his name while also continuing his hunt for his father’s murderer, Tobias Whale (Marvin Jones III), and Whale’s subordinates. Lightning’s quest for justice has blended for his quest for revenge.

Jefferson knows that his father’s death was connected to a larger conspiracy which he and Anissa (Nafessa Williams) continue to work out together. It is exciting to see the two work as a father/daughter vigilante team. We see them dawn masks of the Obamas as they interrogate their enemies in the promo. This will lead Jefferson and Anissa into further conflict with Lightning’s former mentor, Gambi (James Remar).

In this episode, “The Book of Little Black Lies,” we’ll also see a greater focus on Jennifer (China Anne McClain) and her emerging powers. When Jennifer learns the truth about her family’s superhero side, will she want to join alongside her father and Anissa? Or will she still want to have a normal teenage lifestyle? How will Lynn (Christine Adams) and Jefferson deals with having a vigilante superhero family?

Find out this week at 9/8c on Tuesday only on The CW!

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