Introducing the triumphant return of THE WEAPON X program with writer Greg Pak at the helm! Watch as the thrilling crossover between WEAPON X and TOTALLY AWESOME HULK starts this June with WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION: ALPHA #1.

Courtesy of Marvel Comics


The Weapon X program, which has helped spawn some of the deadliest foes known to all living beings, has long since been decommissioned. Or so we thought. Now, the program’s back, and with a vengeance. Under new leadership, the program sets its sights on destroying all mutants. They just need one chess piece in order to rule the board: the TOTALLY AWESOME HULK. The most ruthless killers in Marvel’s canon: Sabretooth, Wolverine, and Warpath, to name a few, will have to work together to stop this program from wiping out their very existence. For no one will be safe from the program’s mayhem. All that dare to defy it alone shall be crushed in its path?

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The program’s previous creations pale in comparison to whatever this new director has in store. Why does this person seek to destroy all mutants? Perhaps there are ulterior motives at play?

Courtesy of Marvel Comics

A Summer of Fun!

Yet, with all these questions surrounding the program itself, is that all that is brewing for our heroes? No, something more wicked this way comes. As the stakes rise and the sides begin to grow more desperate, Weapon X shows their hand with the mysterious “Batch H” experiment. What does it mean for mutant kind and Marvel in general?

The stories are shaping up to be an exciting growth of Marvel’s stories, bringing together lore that often goes unnoticed and reminding us what’s really important during the summer months: comic book crossovers. Try to escape the heat with this spicy new series! Have a smashing good time with Amadeus Cho, or rather, the Hulk as he takes on this new adversary.

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The series sets off on June 21st with WEAPONS OF MUTANT DESTRUCTION: ALPHA #1 and lasts all summer long alternating between TOTALLY AWESOME HULK and WEAPON X.

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