WEAPON X #14 by Greg Pak, Yildiray Cinar, and Frank D'Armata
WEAPON X #14 by Greg Pak, Yildiray Cinar, and Frank D'armata is the end of the current "Nuke-Clear War" story. It's an action heavy issue with frantic art, featuring fun character moments and a great cliff hanger.
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Outrageous Fun!

WEAPON X #14 by Greg Pak, Yildiray Cinar, and Frank D’armata is the explosive conclusion of the “Nuke-Clear War” arc. Our favorite murderous mutants are surrounded. Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Domino, and Warpath are sitting on a powder keg. A formidable danger has presented itself.  Don’t miss this blowout!

Weapon X #14
Courtesy of Marvel Comics.

The Opening Salvo of WEAPON X #14

I apologize in advance for the explosion puns, but they reflect my feelings of WEAPON X #14. While reading WEAPON X #14, I can only imagine writer Greg Pak chuckling to himself at times, especially the action. There are some over the top moments you can only see in a comic book. Is someone catching a missile mid-flight? Check. Said missile being thrown back? Check. Are two characters kissing in mid-air, surrounded by bullets? CHECK!

Igniting the Story

Directly following the end of the previous issue, the Weapon X crew are on the small island of Santo Marco helping the island natives with a tyrant. They then find themselves pitted against a small army of a super soldier being lead by Nuke.

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From the title of the arc alone, “Nuke-Clear War,” I could feel a smile came across my face. I wasn’t expecting a very deep story, but something wild. Nuke is a great villain for this. He’s not a deep character: throwing red pills to give him superhuman speed and strength, white to bring him down, blue to relax.

He’s a bombastic and crazy character, but that makes him fun. Considering he is screaming “KILL THEM!” I wasn’t expecting subtlety. With that being said, the creative team does blow it out of the water. The over the top action feels like an ending of a big budget movie. There is a sense of urgency, danger, and high stakes. Both villains and heroes come across as larger than life.

Despite how wild it is, there is also a serious element to the story. A military coup is a serious matter. Our heroes find themselves in a grey area as they discussed the last issue. They want to help the rebellion, but the people also want to help themselves. Sympathizing with this is easy. Sometimes fighting evil isn’t black and white.

Weapon X #14
Courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Character Blast!

Aside from the villain, the meat of the focus is given to Domino, Warpath, and Sabretooth. I love Greg Pak’s Sabretooth. He is so much fun. The right mix of crazy with a hint of intelligence. I say we start a request for a Greg Pak Sabretooth on-going. But I digress. Domino and Warpath get decent exposure here, and Pak’s writing does them both justice. I’ve had a soft spot for both characters for some time. It’s good to see them have the spotlight.

Barrage of Color

WEAPON X #14 features art by Yildiray Cinar with Frank D’Armata’s vibrant colors. Their characters are expressive and show the emotions you would be looking for. Because this book is action heavy, it seems like it would be easy to get confused during action-packed scenes. However, Yildiray Cinar draws each character clearly when in attack mode.

In addition, there is a scene featuring a reaction to a Nuke pill that is fantastic due to the sight of the character’s face. These scenes are the right kind of frantic. However, in some fight scenes, the backgrounds seem to disappear. Though this does help the reader focus on the action, other sequences were given much more detailed backgrounds. It feels inconsistent and pulls the reader out of the story.

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The Last Volley (Final Thoughts On Weapon X #14)

WEAPON X #14 is an over the top action fest with a serious undertone. The art succeeds in handling the kinetic energy of the issue. Greg Pak’s writing will put a smile on your face. Let’s get that on-going Sabretooth!

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