While WEAPON X #10 isn't the finest moment for the series, its characters make it a worthy read. Funny moments combined with team chemistry make the fast and unreliable plot almost entirely forgettable.
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The latest issue of WEAPON X continues to provide fun character moments and action, even if the story feels familiar. WEAPON X #10 moves the series toward the end of its arc but leaves more to be desired. It’s hard not to be entertained, though, as this corner of the X-universe feels fun and pulpy compared to some of its brothers and sisters.

With Stryker at their disposal, Logan and his team start to pry him for every bit of knowledge he has. As he reveals the birthplace of Weapon H, the team splits up to take him down. Meanwhile, as she grows disappointed in his ability to kill, Doctor Alba prods Weapon H into a rage, sending him to a highly populated area to kill everything in his path. Logan and his team arrive, not knowing if they’re too little too late.

WEAPON X #10 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Making the Dream Work

The best parts of this series come from its stellar cast of characters. Greg Pak and Fed Van Lente have quite a grasp on them as individuals, and their banter rivals that of any team book on the shelves. While it’s a crowded issue with a lot of plot development, the small moments are worthy of cherishing. It doesn’t get much better than Domino referring to Stryker as “racist toothpaste.” The chemistry they all share while performing their individual tasks for the team feels realistic and satisfying.


It’s fun to find new revelations about the history of H and Alba, but the issues moves a little too fast to soak any of them in. Some plots points seem to go unexplained. For example, the big scary lair the team investigates is nothing more than a storage unit they barely explore. What else was in that storage unit? Also, isn’t it a little disappointing that the secret lair was nothing but a…storage unit? Surely, there have got to be some other goodies in there. Additionally, watching Weapon H struggle to kill was endearing, but how he quickly turned into a rage monster again in the end felt predictable and unsatisfying. Just as he was struggling to keep his human tendencies, the issue blasts off. It quickly turns him into a killer once again. However, the creative team has set themselves up for an action-packed part five, and time will tell if the haste pays off in the end.

Marc Borstel & Ibraim Roberson’s pencil-work doesn’t go the extra mile to stand out, but compliments the characters nicely. The scenes with Weapon H are dark, with a grimmer color palette than the rest of the issue thanks to solid work by Frank D’Armata. Unfortunately, the bodies on some character can look odd at times. Overly-large muscles make heads look tiny, but tends to support the slightly pulpy attitude of the story.

WEAPON X #10 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Comics.

From Zero to Sixty

On this note, one must wonder what the comic could be if it dipped harder into B-level story telling. With a giant villain, a mad scientist, and a group of assassins, it already feels like its recognizing its own absurdity. Perhaps with some harder action and attitude, WEAPON X could find new ways to stand out.

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WEAPON X #10: Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, this is an entertaining comic that justifies the rich history of its characters. The characters work extremely well together. Their personalities, while sometimes at odds, each get small moments to shine and feel unique. While it could do a few things to help it stand out, and may take a few strikes to get to the next issue, it’s still worth a read.

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