When Weapon H is asked by Captain America to be the eyes and ears within Weirdworld, he reluctantly accepts the mission from his childhood hero. Leading a team of misfits into the portal, they are immediately attacked by a species with a serious grudge against the corporation responsible — Roxxon. Check out the preview of WEAPON H #9 below to see how they plan to get out of this one!


weapon h #9


Written by: Greg Pak

Art by: Guiu Vilanova

Cover by: Philip Tan

Don’t wait to hear how Weapon H and his team get out of Weirdworld. Get your own copy here!


INTO THE BREACH! The days of the lone fighter are gone: Weapon H assembles a team to take Weirdworld! But even with Titania, Man-Thing, a Brood-human hybrid named Blake, Hulk’s old friend Korg and a mysterious Roxxon fighter named Angel on his side, Weapon H may find himself outclassed. Because Roxxon’s been keeping secrets — and one of them is about to wake up.

weapon h #9 weapon h #9 weapon h #9 weapon h #9 weapon h #9 weapon h #9 weapon h #9

weapon h #9
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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