WEAPON H #1 by Greg Pak and Cory Smith continues the story of Hulkervine (Weapon H), who was introduced in the WEAPON X series. Determined to stay hidden away from society, Hulkverine is pulled back into action when trying to help others. Meanwhile, Weapon H’s wife, Sonia, is looking into her husband’s death and is stumbling onto something bigger and much more sinister.

WEAPON H #1 Page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

An Intriguing Narrative Structure in WEAPON H #1

This is an intriguing comic book. It consists of two different stories: one from Weapon H and his human persona, Clay, and the other from Clay’s wife, Sonia. While most books would go back and forth with each story, writer Greg Pak chooses not to do this. He simply tells one story and then moves to the next. I’m curious to see if this will be the structure of the book going forward.

WEAPON H #1 Page 3. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The first story concentrates on Clay and his backstory from WEAPON X. He’s an ex-military contractor who has been given the powers of both Hulk and Wolverine. In an attempt to hide his existence from the world and keep his family safe, Clay is on the run from those who have given him his powers. Of course, he ends up helping people instead: first a group of day laborers in Montana and then a group of scientist stranded in Alaska.

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In Alaska, a team of scientists from the Roxxon Corporation are studying a dig site. One of these scientists actually turns into the Wendigo, a yeti-like creature hungry for human flesh. Upon witnessing this, Weapon H must step in and try to protect the surviving scientists. Fans of both Wolverine and Hulk should get a kick out of this because Wolverine’s first appearance was in THE INCREDIBLE HULK while battling Wendigo. Greg Pak manages to create an interesting story while also having an easter egg for those who are fans of continuity.

Sonia, Clay’s Wife, Plays a Key Role in WEAPON H #1

The second story focuses on Sonia, who believes her husband is dead. She’s trying to support her children but isn’t getting help from Clay’s previous employer (the same corporation that turned him into Weapon H). She manages to investigate his death by stealing his file and researching while at her job at Roxxon. Unknown to her, the sinister head of Roxxon has discovered the existence of Weapon H. Roxxon has orchestrated the events in Alaska that created the Wendigo. They’re also doing their own investigation in Weapon H for their own needs.

Roxxon is a great antagonist for this book. A multi-billion dollar business lead by an evil leader? Sounds familiar. Jason Aaron’s run on THOR really helped develop the current iteration of Roxxon and their evil leader, Dario Agger, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the corporation does going forward in this book.

WEAPON H #1 Page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Artwork of WEAPON H #1

Cory Smith and Marcus To definitely put some overtime in this issue and it shows. They have to go from several different places, giving each unique and sprawling landscapes. In addition, they draw dozens of faces all with their own unique features and emotional ticks. The highlights really come from the dealing with non-human characters, particularly Weapon H and Wendigo. Given that Weapon H is part Hulk and part Wolverine, Weapon H’s design is interesting: metal spikes jutting from his huge body, a little grey with green eyes. Wendigo, on the other hand, looks part Yeti and part Demon. It is something crazy enough that might give Weapon H a fight for his life. Morry Hollowell compliments this duo’s artwork by bringing vibrant hues to make everything feel alive.

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The Overall Verdict

WEAPON H #1 is a good start for the series. It has a sympathetic lead character, fleshed out supporting characters, and several adversaries. The art matches handsomely with the script and crazy designs for the main hero and villain. Having two separate yet connecting stories is a fun device. I will be curious to see how this plays out in further issues. WEAPON H #1 could have gone over the top, yet the creative team decided to be smart and ground itself a bit.

WEAPON H #1 by Greg Pak, Cory Smith, Marcus To, and Morry Hollowell
With a compelling lead, fleshed out supporting characters and villains, and stellar artwork, WEAPON H #1 is a strong debut.
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Stylish and Intriguing
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