BEWARE there are spoilers for ARROW Seasons 1-5

ARROW season five recently ended with a massive cliffhanger and will be returning for season six by the fall. Season five was the show’s approach to go back to basics after a disappointing season four. While season five had its flaws, it was able to fix the flaws provided by season four.

Before season 6 premieres, hopefully, ARROW will fix the problems it had to make a terrific season 6.

1. Comic Book Roots

When something is moved from comic book to live-action, some things are going to change. Every episode does not have to be straight from the comics, but the character himself should remain similar. Season 5 had started to embrace the source material by adapting the storyline of Oliver Queen as mayor of Star City. If the show continues taking inspiration from the comics, it will grow to be even more successful.

Oliver Queen for Mayor (Arrow Season 4)

One way to incorporate comic book elements are to give Oliver the classic goatee; something fans have been campaigning for since the beginning. Oliver’s goatee is synonymous with the character and should be incorporated into the tv show.

Make Oliver more lighthearted instead of dark and brooding all the time. Green Arrow is known for being more optimistic and hopeful within the comics. Oliver is also a social justice warrior. He fights for the little guy, something the show can put more emphasis on.

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Black Canary is also an important part of the Green Arrow mythos. The show has had four different versions of the character, and none were accurate to the fan favorite comic book version. The only version closest to the comic book counterpart, the original Dinah Laurel Lance, was killed off for a publicity stunt instead of telling an actual story.

2. The Fight Choreography

Within seasons 1 and 2 Oliver was able to take down a whole room of thugs on his own. Some of these thugs were even injected with Mirakuru, and he was still able to take them out. As the seasons went on, he started needing more help from his teammates. The show needs to bring back season 1 Oliver instead of the Oliver who needs help clearing a room.

It is understandable that the new sidekicks have to be able to help out in the fights, but that does not mean they have to weaken Oliver to do that. What makes more sense is if the show wants to incorporate more people into the fight scenes, either give more people for all of them to fight or bring fewer people on missions.

With more thugs for Oliver and his team to fight, Oliver can still be shown as the badass he was in those first two seasons. On top of that, the other heroes will have the chance to show how badass they can be as well. If the show thins out the cast when it comes to missions, more heroes will get more screen time and more focus on them while Oliver guides them.

3. End Olicity

The Oliver and Felicity, the will they/won’t they relationship has been played since season 1. There are plenty of Olicity shippers out there but what they might not realize is that the relationship is toxic to the show.

It has gotten so old and cliché that it only drags the story down. Felicity’s character has been miswritten since season 3 and has never recovered. She went from tech genius and ally of Oliver’s to just a girl pining over him.


The relationship takes time away from good storytelling and takes away from the development of each other’s character. Throughout season 5 it felt more forced for Oliver and Felicity to get together. Both Diggle and Curtis try to have the two reconnect with each other.

It felt more forced in season 5 episode 20 titled “Underneath.” Oliver and Felicity were stuck in a lair after an EMP was activated. They started to talk about their relationship while looking for a way out. Even the flashbacks showed Oliver and Felicity reconnecting for a bit. The episode was probably the biggest waste of time and did nothing to enhance the plot.

4. End The Batman Similarities

Green Arrow and Batman are similar in a lot of ways. Both heroes are incredibly wealthy men with no superpowers and a tragic past who use gadgets to fight crime. Though in the comics there are many things to separate the two heroes. They have different villains, different supporting casts, and different storylines.

When the show started, Batman references were inevitable seeing how “The Hood” only came out at night and intimidated people. Soon enough he began a relationship with Detective Lance. Lance would bring “The Hood” cases to solve and information to assist in solving cases. Similar to how Commissioner Gordon would provide Batman with cases and would ask Batman for help solving them.

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The similarities do not stop there. One of Batman’s most famous story arcs, Head of the Demon, was incorporated into season 3 of ARROW. Head of the Demon was the storyline in which Ra’s Al Ghul wanted Batman to be the heir to his throne and the new head of the League of Assassins.

He even offered his daughter Talia’s hand in marriage. Batman refused which caused him to fight Ra’s Al Ghul. That storyline was the same plot of ARROW season 3, but instead of Batman, it was Oliver, and instead of Talia, it was Nyssa. Green Arrow has stories of his own; he does not need Batman stories or Batman villains to be a success.

5. Add A Father/Son Dynamic

In the season 5 finale, Oliver rescues his son, William, from Prometheus while not wearing a mask. Now that William knows that his father is the Green Arrow, he can hopefully have a more honest relationship with him than he has had before.

Oliver should be given a chance to interact with his son instead of sending him into hiding again. If Oliver got to know his son, it would change him for the better.Oliver and William

Oliver did not have a great role model in his father. He should not want his son to share that experience. It would be a great dynamic for the show to explore. Oliver balancing between hero, father, and the mayor would add a new dynamic to the show and a welcome change. It would show how Oliver has evolved from season 1 and how he continues to grow as a person. In a possible future, William could grow up to become the next Green Arrow.

A Promising Look At Season 6

ARROW has been able to fix many of the problems plaguing the show in the past few seasons. When the show returns for its 6th season there are still plenty of flaws it can fix, but seeing how the show has been played out, it can be even better than the 5th season.

Season 5 may have improved on past problems, but it still left many problems that could be fixed. If the show continues to take inspiration from the comic books, Season 6 will be possibly the greatest season yet.


  1. RCM

    July 23, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Katie Cassidy’s version of Black Canary is very arguably one of the single worst live action interpretations of a comic book character ever. Yet her apologists keep getting to write articles embarrassing themselves proclaiming her to be “the closest to her comic counterpart” (objectively not true) and hoping the writers will end Olicity even though all the spoilers indicate they’re getting married this season. Give it a rest losers; your fave has been killed and brought back as as a one note villain, Black Canary has been replaced by an actually competent actress (thank God), and Oliver and Felicity are the shows main romantic couple. You’re going to have to get over and it and get a life some day.


  2. Tyler

    July 3, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Blame the writer, she could of if they put more time into her.


  3. rtalive

    June 29, 2017 at 9:46 am

    I agree they should make Black Canary more leading character and partner her up with Oliver Queen. He does not need other team mates on the field. I think though that the version of Dinah Drake this season is the most accurate version of Black Canary they did. Laurel was very weak Black Canary, she was more a sidekick to Green Arrow, which was terrible and the name was the only accurate thing she had to the comics. She never reached her sister’s Sara Lance bad assery.


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