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Marvel has finally released the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer! The release of the trailer marks the debut trailer for Marvel’s first-ever female-led superhero film. This CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, the film’s titular character.

Although the trailer has echoes of the comic book series, it appears Marvel rightfully changed Carol Danvers’ convoluted origin story. Additionally, it appears Marvel did so while managing to keep the best parts of Captain Marvel’s personality intact. Like her comic book counterpart, the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer shows Carol Danvers struggle with her identity. The trailer indicates Carol suffers from a kind of amnesia and will learn more about her identity as part of her journey throughout the film.

If the trailer whets your appetite for more Carol Danvers, we have more information about Carol Danvers from an interesting perspective — X-Men’s Rogue! If you aren’t familiar with one of the storylines that made both Captain Marvel and Rogue famous before the release of the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer, be sure to read AVENGERS ANNUAL #10. It features the first appearance of Rogue. While most know Rogue as Anna Paquin in the 2000 X-Men film, unlike what we see in the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer, Rogue did not start out as a good guy. In fact, she was the archnemesis of Carol Danvers (then known as Ms. Marvel).

This CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Shows a Captain Marvel Comic Book Fans Recognize and Will Love

You can read more about Carol Danvers and better understand her struggles by reading AVENGERS ANNUAL #10 available on ComiXology. Carol’s struggles always made her particularly relatable to fans. Throughout her life, Carol wore many hats. Superhero, military leader, and magazine editor represent a select few of the prestigious careers Carol mastered throughout her life. Carol Danvers is a complex woman, and Captain Marvel is only a part of what makes her so real. It’s great to see Marvel continue that tradition in the CAPTAIN MARVEL trailer and, hopefully, the film too!

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