Anime Expo is constantly premiering tons of fresh, engaging content. While most anime fans out there aren’t able to visit every convention or even more than one, we’ve got you covered. ComicsVerse caught up with presenters from Warner Bros. Japan on Anime Expo’s first day. Summer is not just the perfect time to catch up on your older favorites or finish Spring seasons. On top of that, new anime provides viewers with new stories to tell and muse over. Suffice to say, new announcements mean new possibilities of favorite shows. For Warner Bros. Japan and these anime specifically, that possibility is definitely one to be excited about.

These five anime, like with all good lineups, covers plenty of genres and tastes. School life, seinen, shonen, and comedy are all here. As such, it’s almost certain that you’ll see some potential new addictions. Check out the five upcoming anime on Warner Bros. Japan’s Summer and Fall Lineup:


HI SCORE GIRL is a romantic comedy following awkward protagonist Haruo Yaguchi, an avid gamer with no other real skills. He’s not especially smart, pretty normal looking, and has little physical ability. But, the 6th grader does have incredible gaming skills and dominates arcade games as “Beastly Fingers Haruo.” This anime has a relatively unique kind of gaming focus. HI, SCORE GIRL gaming are retro arcade-style rather than those on consoles or PC. The manga was well known for accurately documenting years of gaming culture. In fact, the manga was even involved in a pretty serious lawsuit because of how specific its characterization of other games was.

But what better time period for 90’s style games than the 90s? HI SCORE GIRL takes place in 1991 with legitimately gaming scenes at every moment. This time around, however, the series got special permission to use the licensed content of games like STREET FIGHTER II. If games weren’t enough, the anime also has a fantastic 8-bit inspired opening called “New Stranger” by Sora Tob Sakana. Check that out here.

Warner Bros. Japan Staff presenting a special trailer at Anime Expo 2018.
Warner Bros. Japan presenting HI SCORE GIRL’s staff at Anime Expo.

One day, Haruo meets Oono Akira, his perfect opposite in almost every way. She’s smart, athletic, pretty, and whoops him 30 times in a row in STREET FIGHTER II. So, like any gamer would do, he starts spending every afternoon at the arcade trying to beat her. Then, Akira starts showing up at every arcade Haruo does and beats him across the city. The two form a steady relationship that’s wholesome even if strange. You can see the duo in action in this teaser trailer. HI SCORE GIRL drops July 13th.

HI SCORE GIRL Anime Announced


DRAGON PILOT: HISONE AND MASOTAN is, quite simply, an incredibly pure anime. The art style is very much meant to be soft, light, and cute. In some respects, it’s drawn in the lighter style of anime from the 90s, but with much better and modern animation. The story takes place in a mystical world not too different from our own, except this one has dragons.

The Dragon Riders of HISONE AND MASOTAN
Innocence meets steady characterization | Image: MyAnimeList

The anime follows Hisone Amakasu, an earnest person with a penchant for causing discomfort for others. She struggles with this, feeling she’s doomed to unintentionally hurt people with her words. She tries to stay away from others to avoid hurting them. In pursuit of this goal, she joins the Air Self-Defense Force, keeping her away from the general public while accomplishing something. This enrollment as a Self Defense Force Rookie at the Gifu Base eventually leads to Hisone’s chance encounter with an ancient dragon. This dragon, the special “OTF,” specially chose Hisone as its pilot, cementing her destiny. Dragons are the key to the future of the world, and she rides one of the most powerful ones around.

The military setting and straightforward outlook of the show both make for a very character development focused series perfect for anyone. The setting lends itself to cooperation and building each other up, so characters do just that. Studio Bones worked on the show, meaning the same quality we see in series like MY HERO ACADEMIA and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST is in DRAGON PILOT as well. This might be one of the most slept on anime of the year, so you should definitely check it out! DRAGON PILOT: HISONE AND MASOTAN will be available on Netflix later this year. For now, check out the trailer here.


This battle-filled, high energy anime combines an older storyline with a fantasy twist. One day, in 1930s Japan, a group of hunters suddenly arrive at the imperial capital. Each one steps out into the night carrying a musical instrument case, ready to track down and kill vampires. While we don’t know much about each individual character, we can deduce some cool things about the main character from what we’ve seen in trailers. Yuliy is a werewolf, and we know these strange “Jaegers” hunt vampires. Given those two observations in tandem, TENROU: SIRIUS THE JAEGER almost certainly will have some awesome supernatural combat. As you can see in the several PVs and trailers out so far, the animation quality is top notch.

Summer anime Sirus the Jaeger
Werewolves meet vampires in this action-packed series | Image: SIRIUS THE JAEGER Official Website

Yuliy and the Jaegers take part in a mysterious battle over a holy arc known only as “The Arc of Sirius.” The anime has major action and thriller vibes. The Jaegers all have their own backstories and weapons specialties. If we’re lucky, that means the weapons in those instrument cases belong to fighters with unique and fresh styles. In any case, the animation alone is incredible.  The character design team includes staff from anime like FOOD WARS and MAGI: ADVENTURE OF SINBAD. Music from the trailers is amazing, and Masaru Yokoyama (YOUR LIE IN APRIL) is composing for the series. Infinite will handle production. TENROU: SIRIUS THE JAEGER drops July 12th. For those of you at Anime Expo, look out for the advanced screening Saturday, July 7th!

Funimation and Crunchyroll Announce Summer Anime!


On July 5th, the show’s Japanese cast revealed the whole array of main and supporting characters. The entire JOJO series follows distinct sets of saga across multiple anime seasons. GOLDEN WIND is the fourth of such seasons, adapting the fifth arc of the JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE anime. This arc, called Vento Aureo in the manga series, takes place in 2001 Italy. Giorno Giovanna is trying to rise through the ranks of the Neapolitan mafia and defeat the boss of Passione, the most powerful and influential gang in the country. Giorno uses his own loyal men, some strong will, and plenty of scheming to enact his plan of seizing power as the biggest player in Italy.

The next sage of JOJO, GOLDEN WIND!
Characters from GOLDEN WIND | Image: Crunchyroll

Among shonen anime, JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE is an absolute shining jewel. Anyone familiar with the only series will certainly know why. The anime and manga both combine the exciting mystery of adventures in strange lands with thematic death. The multifaceted sagas of each season present plenty of opportunities to see tons of characters growth and carve out a neat niche. JOJO is well known for being one of the manliest anime ever at a time when shonen protagonists were seen as less masculine than ideal.

While that particular evaluative criterion isn’t the greatest in the world, it’s certainly indicative of the show’s appeal. The anime, almost every season, consistently impressed fans old and new. Most of the staff from older seasons are returning for GOLDEN WIND, so if you liked the previous sagas you’re certain to enjoy this one. Check it out in a few months so it can impress you too! Those of you at Anime Expo can check out a special screening on July 7th!

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It’s back! A CERTAIN MAGICAL INDEX Season 2 finished airing in Japan way back in April of 2011. Since then, all we’ve seen of the series is a mini-novel and English dub. The series, like a lot of anime in recent years, takes place in a world where supernatural powers are commonplace. Now, Warner Bros. Japan is resurrecting this amazing show.

Those with these special powers are divided into subcategories based on the basis of their power. Gemstones are naturally powerfully and gained abilities without any additional science or machinery, unlike Espers who need them. Some others make use of magical spell or artifacts and are called Magicians. These individuals align themselves with mysticism, mythology, religion, and different beliefs. As the various users of magic compete to control the world, they clash ideologically, setting the stage for a broad conflict.

Magic meets science in an old anime come alive again! | Image: Crunchyroll

Main character Toma Kamijo is a student in the technologically advanced metropolis Academy City. His right hand has the incredibly powerful ability Imagine Breaker. Using it, he can perfectly negate any supernatural powers. Unfortunately, this also negates Toma’s luck, leading him to run into trouble. He meets a strange nun named Index who has over one hundred thousand forbidden magical texts stored within her. Due to Toma’s new relationship with Index and his unique power, he finds himself between the two magical factions. Slowly, he meets more and more magic users and learns interesting secrets about the world of science and magic. The earlier seasons of the anime chronicled his journeys as he tried to reconcile, navigate, and explore the tension between the city’s magical elite. A CERTAIN MAGICAL INDEX Season 3 comes out this October. Check out a trailer here.

Five Great Anime from Warner Bros. Japan!

These anime are all from Warner Bros. Japan, but there are plenty more from them and in general to check out. The summer is only just beginning, and there are a lot of shows making their way onto our screens. Each day, several shows premiere for the summer. These 5 are all anime that should be on your list. While Warner Bros. Japan isn’t necessarily the biggest name in the context of anime, they’ve got plenty of shows worth watching. Those from this list that are already airing are quite good, while those soon to come are looking great so far given the trailers and promotional videos. Only one thing left to do now. Get watching!

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