Waoobake and Carlton L. Sampson

Conventions are a great way to discover creators that don't often get attention on different comics websites. However, there's some great work outside many of the main publishers. Waoobake (also known as Andrew L. Willis) and Carlton L. Sampson's OPHELIA HOUSE is one of those pieces of great work.

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OPHELIA HOUSE follows the “she-demon,” Po Lyn Lee, in a 12 part “speculative fiction graphic novel” that explores class, responsibility, identity and awareness of nature. The series first began in 2011, with “The S.I.C. Job,” the first chapter in their story. Since then, the comics have been published irregularly for several years, but now the story is approaching its end with only the last issue still forthcoming.

In our interview with Waoobake and Carlton L. Sampson, we talked about their inspiration for creating Palanquin, their publishing house. This led to a great anecdote about the origin of their label. We also asked them about their inspiration for the comic, the differences between approaching a graphic novel and a serialized comic, and the way that art drives the book.

However, one of the best parts of our interview is talking to them about their working relationship and friendship. Sampson is a poet and author, who when he met the multi-talented Waoobake, intended to have him illustrate a poem. Waoobake insisted on doing something more than just creating the original fourteen illustrations Sampson wanted. From there sprang their partnership.

Of course, for fans of OPHELIA HOUSE, they also tease the future of the comic and the potential places they might go with the plot. They haven't told the entire yet, and there's still much more to come.

You can find OPHELIA HOUSE online at http://www.polynlee.com/. It's not often available in stores, so support them directly by buying from their site.


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