Rick in Season 8 of THE WALKING DEAD

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD released its Season 8 trailer at San Diego Comic Con, and it was a doozy. The five-minute trailer embodied what we’ve come to expect out of THE WALKING DEAD. A methodical slow start to set the mood, and then a whole lot of fast paced action.

As THE WALKING DEAD gears up for its 100th episode, the trailer gives us a lot of easter eggs for Season 8. Season 7 finished the March Towards War arc from the comics, and Season 8 will bring us the All Out War arc. So expect for things to get crazy quickly starting with the 100th episode of THE WALKING DEAD.

What To Expect From THE WALKING DEAD This Season

The latest WALKING DEAD trailer is true to the form of the show even down to the music. It begins with a slow percussion sound, and it intensifies into fast paced rock music.

The very first moments of the trailer we hear Negan’s voice-over as it’s revealed that he’s talking to Gabriel. Negan tells him, “I hope you have your shitting pants on.” To which Gabriel responds with a confused and frightened look on his face. The first thing we can expect in Season 8 is that Gabriel’s going to be The Saviors’ hostage. But Gabriel isn’t the only one that’s going to be held hostage. The man is looking out of the hole in the yellow trailer with several quick shots of Saviors held captive too.

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We also get a lot of slow shots of everyone preparing for war. There are shots of Rick, Carol, Tara, Carl, Morgan, Maggie, King Ezekiel, and Daryl all preparing for battle. We see Alexandria, The Hilltop Colony, and The Kingdom meeting up with each other to join forces. It confirms what we already know from Season 7 and the comics: these three groups are joining forces to defeat The Saviors. Also if you watch closely, each group has their own armband indicating where they’re from. Alexandria wears white bands, The Hilltop Colony wears green bands, and The Kingdom wears red bands. It’s a minor detail, but it hints at how they’ll operate as a cohesive unit this season.

Negan (right) faces off with Rick (left) in THE WALKING DEAD TV guide
Negan (right) faces off with Rick (left) in THE WALKING DEAD

Let’s not forget about Daryl’s relationship with Dwight. By the look of it, we can expect Daryl to help him escape from The Saviors because in the trailer Dwight’s reading a note that says “Tomorrow.” This might be a warning to Dwight telling him to leave because of a pending attack on The Saviors.

There’s a lot we can expect from Season 8 of THE WALKING DEAD. Maggie’s going to lead The Hilltop Colony. Morgan and Jesus are going to have some pacifist fight. Given Jerry’s line to King Ezekiel, he might sacrifice himself to save his king. And the biggest thing we can expect from Season 8 is a time jump to old man Rick in the comics.

Rick’s Going To Be Held Hostage

Before we get to the time skip, the trailer cleverly hides the fact that Rick is held captive. While it’s obvious that Rick leads the charge in the war against The Saviors, it’s not obvious that he gets captured. What gives it away is the closeup of the hole in the yellow trailer with a man looking out of it.

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At first glance, you wouldn’t know what to make of it because it’s a closeup, but it keeps coming back in the trailer. The second time, we see the yellow trailer again when there’s a quick shot of The Scavengers in their junkyard. We have YouTuber Erik Voss from New Rockstars to thank for revealing that hidden plot line from the trailer.

The Scavengers holding Rick in the yellow trailer WALKING DEAD Season 8
The Scavengers holding Rick in the yellow trailer

Erik Voss points out that it’s Rick in the yellow trailer because the man inside has his hip bandaged. In the Season 7 finale, Rick is shot in the hip so he should still have it bandaged when Season 8 premieres. Also, don’t forget that Rick has a bad history with The Scavengers. This is a call back to their leader, Jadis, reneging on their deal to defeat The Saviors. So it’s likely that Jadis and The Scavengers might capture Rick to use him as some sort of bargaining chip.

The Time Skip and Oldman Rick

The biggest revelation from the Season 8 trailer is the appearance of old man Rick at the end. Old man Rick signals a major shift for the characters. It’s mostly likely going to be a time skip that allows show runners to change certain elements of the show. Like allowing Glen and Maggie’s baby to be born off screen or a permanent casting decision for Judith. In all seriousness, it looks like the show’s going to take a page out of the comics.

For those familiar with the comics, these are signs that the show’s going to transition to the A New Beginning arc. In the New Beginning arc, Rick walks with a cane because of his injuries, and he’s grumpier than usual. Rick is going to be like the Rick when the group first arrives at Alexandria. He might be a bit of a mean dictator. The time skip may also signal the arrival of long time villains The Whisperers towards the end of Season 8.

Old Man Rick Grimes THE WALKING DEAD Season 8
Old Man Rick Grimes

By the end of the trailer, Rick has a full gray beard, and he’s waking up in a hospital bed. The hospital bed imagery of this scene is a call back to the pilot episode when Rick wakes up from a coma. This scene is also a nod to the fact that the Season 8 premiere is THE WALKING DEAD’s 100th episode.

Whatever the case maybe for the time skip, this season of THE WALKING DEAD is sure to be chaotic. THE WALKING DEAD will become more of a war story this season. With Gabriel and Rick held as collateral, the geopolitical aspect of the show comes forth. Season 8 of THE WALKING DEAD is sure to be a good one.

The 100th episode of THE WALKING DEAD premieres October 22nd, on AMC at 9/8c.

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