ComicsVerse presents: Walking Dead Review- Starving to Undeath in Season Five

Caution: Spoilers Ahead…

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This week, we opened with the group finding themselves struggling with starvation while trudging down a dirt road, being pursued by Walkers. This sequence, which took up about the first third of last night’s episode, was arguably the clearest image we’ve witnessed as to what the core of this show truly represents, that our survivors hope for a concrete situation to change despite the fact that they all well know that it more than likely isn’t going to. They can drag themselves away from death, sure – but only for so long. So they either keep dragging, or turn tail and fight.


t’s crazy how, despite how much we as an audience want our characters to fight, we’re constantly presented with a moral dilemma – the fact that surviving in this world is fading as a worthy reward to reap. Sasha with how she pushes towards the razor’s edge coping with the loss of Tyreese (which, I must admit, I found a tad thin, and predictable). Maggie, veritably caving for most of the episode – unable to speak to anyone about Beth. The shit is piling high, and our heroes are breaking.

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However, installments such as this are integral to the series, as they more fully realize the universe in which this show takes place. I certainly have to give a hats off to the production crew, as they sold the SHIT out of that scorching heat, and the overall “bedraggledness” of Team Grimes. I also felt the storm sequence was amazing, as it was very interesting to witness how our crew handles a seemingly natural, though violent, occurrence compounded with a walker attack. The walkers aren’t the only dangers out here in the zombie wasteland – our cast is still contending with storms, packs of dogs, and strangers leaving them suspicious treats. Moreso, the storm reminded me of all the potential situations we have yet to witness (as I sit here hiding from the 9 degree weather, I can’t help but imagine Team Grimes taking down walkers in a blizzard.)

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Driving the world of this series home even further would be the sequence featuring Lauren Cohan finding a zombified woman bound and gagged in the trunk of some random heap. That scene sincerely gave me chills, with the implications of this random woman’s dark tragedy therein being abundantly morbid. To make matters worse, it’s as if losing Beth wasn’t enough. What? You say Maggie gets to be reminded of how shitty the world could be before the dead started walking?…

AMC "The Walking Dead" Season 5, Episode 9 "What Happened and Wh“… That’s a low blow.” 

Thankfully, with Rick’s absolutely epic ‘Walking Dead’ monologue, we were given a shred of hope (though minor) – a new motto to live by, and to fight by. I just have to say, that speech was handled incredibly well – and as a huge fan of the comic, looking back I was actually surprised by how melodramatic it somewhat comes off in print. Needless to say, Andrew Lincoln completely owned that moment and breathed new life into that iconic moment.

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I do my best to keep the comic and series separated as I continue to enjoy this show, but with the arrival of ‘A Friend’ – AKA – Aaron, I once again find myself placing bets on where our heroes will end up next. Without saying too much, if Aaron’s arrival means what I think it means, then our survivors are in for one hell of a surprise… and one that they could really use right now, at that.


Fingers crossed things start looking up, if even only for a short while, for Rick and the gang. Come on, Aaron! Please don’t be a cannibal!

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