THE WALKING DEAD #167 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard
THE WALKING DEAD #167 deals with the consequences of Andrea's heroic actions while saving Eugene. This is perhaps the saddest issue of the series, but it will be one you read over and over again. Kirkman's dialogue is on point and Adlard's artwork is so raw and emotional.
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THE WALKING DEAD #167 is the most heart-wrenching issue of the series thus far. The vicious bite Andrea suffered two issues ago finally takes its hold on her, and the fallout is intense. Robert Kirkman writes a personal letter to fans at the end of this issue describing how hard it was to make the decision to kill off Andrea. It’s a sad moment. However, it solidifies how real these characters are not only to us but to the creators as well. Charlie Adlard’s artwork displays the grieving emotion well on all characters. If this issue means anything, it’s this: the investment fans and creators put into works of fiction is painstakingly meaningful.

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THE WALKING DEAD #167 Shows us How Far We’ve Come

All attention in this issue is focused on Andrea. Michonne is the first to walk in as Rick frantically holds a fainted Andrea. The two carry her to bed to live out her final hours. Rick constantly beats himself up throughout this issue. He claims he won’t be strong enough to continue to lead, but Andrea reminds him on multiple occasions that he must. If he doesn’t, this all would be for nothing.

Image from THE WALKING DEAD #167, courtesy of Image

Many characters come to pay their final respects to Andrea — even Negan — and the issue simply becomes more and more sad with each turning page. Andrea stays strong throughout the story, staying true to her character. Rick is the final individual to be with her as all the rest go home. Their talk is sincere. After all, they’re supposed to be the ones who don’t die. Andrea continuously convinces him to stay strong, that her death means nothing in the grand scheme of things. This hardly helps Rick, especially when Andrea finally passes. However, Rick isn’t able to fire a bullet at Andrea. The outcome of this choice makes for a dramatic ending that shows how deeply Rick cared for Andrea.

Robert Kirkman’s Characters Will Stay With Us Forever

Overall, THE WALKING DEAD #167 is one of the greatest issues of this comics series. Robert Kirkman’s heart filled dialogue is purposeful and on point. The personal messages each character gives to Andrea are so wonderfully intimate, even when they’re simply acknowledging how strong she was in the community. One of the greatest is Carl’s, who says he will be strong for her. He subsequently begins to cry, but Andrea won’t stand for it. She gives a speech about love and everyone’s place in the world. Her message is both depressing and surprisingly beautiful at the same time. Much like the life she and the rest of the cast have been forced to live, there are multiple ways to look at it all.

Image from THE WALKING DEAD #167, courtesy of Image
Image from THE WALKING DEAD #167, courtesy of Image

Charlie Adlard’s artwork is nothing short of enthralling in THE WALKING DEAD #167. The emotional disarray upon Rick’s face as he empties his heart makes his words stick to you. Then, there are the slight bits of rage from Andrea that are captured so perfectly in her eyes. She’s not angry at her situation. She’s angry at the thought of everything going to shit after she dies. She cannot bear that thought, and she spends her last waking minutes comforting Rick to ensure it doesn’t happen. Even with the zombie virus pumping through her veins, she stays as strong as she has the entire series. This is shown in her composure. Her words match her body tone in a way that makes the comic seem more realistic than the television show, if you can believe it.

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THE WALKING DEAD #167: We’ll Miss You, Andrea

THE WALKING DEAD #167 is simply a perfect issue. It’s interesting how Kirkman chose to have such a powerful issue come months after “The Whisperer War.” True, this death is a result of the fallout from that battle, but it speaks to Kirkman’s craft that he makes every issue count.

If you’re a fan of Andrea like I am, this is going to be a hard pill to swallow. Truly, since she first picked up a sniper rifle, she has been my favorite. Or maybe it’s after she took a slash to the face and persevered? Rick Grimes gets the credit for creating such an oasis in a desolate America, but we all know it’s Andrea who picked him up on multiple occasions. In conclusion, WALKING DEAD loses a strong female character, but it’s at the least reassuring to know Robert Kirkman cried as hard as we did while making the decision he did.

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