Since its debut in 2015, Double Take Comics has taken the comic book industry into a zombie craze with its comic book line, “Genisis.” Each title in the line serves up as a direct follow-up to the horror classic, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and explores the human response to a zombie apocalypse in various social and professional settings. ComicsVerse has been following the company since its launch, and that’s why we are pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Double Take’s Stan Chou, artist on MEDIC #2–3, RISE #3, HONOR #2–3, and SLAB #3.

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ComicsVerse: Double Take’s current line, “Genesis,” is a follow-up to the classic film, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and a celebration of the zombie genre. What drove you to work with Double Take?

Stan Chou: I worked with Jeff McComsey on his FUBAR: BY THE SWORD ANTHOLOGY, and he asked if I was looking for more comics work. I said, “Heck yeah!” Jeff introduced me to Double Take, I did a bunch of test animations, and the rest is history!

CV: Are you a zombie fan?

SC: I actually missed the whole re-popularization of zombie stuff because I lived in Japan for a long time. I really enjoyed playing RESIDENT EVIL 2 and RESIDENT EVIL 4, but that’s the extent of my knowledge about zombies. I guess that’s a good thing because I was able to dive into Double Take re-envisioning of zombies without any preconceptions of zombies. For those of you who don’t know about our original concept for zombies, they’re smart, they work together, and some even have superpowers, which creates a ton of exciting possibilities for future stories in our universe.

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CV: You are the artist on MEDIC #2–3, RISE#3, HONOR#2–3, and SLAB #3. While each title’s narrative revolves around the undead, each story is different. Do you have a different creative process for each title?

SC: Your mind has to switch gears when drawing each title. At Double Take, we hold weekly creative sessions for each title, and those sessions help me to get in the right mindset. Studying the characters and studying the locations they inhabit are a big help, and the creators who thrive with Double Take take great pride in understanding our universe.

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CV: Out of Double Take’s ten current series, you are the artist on four of the titles. How do you handle deadlines?

SC: I draw storyboard animation layouts (also known as sketch layouts), which can be produced faster than traditional penciling/inking, so that allows me to keep pace with more than one book. My job is to roughly animate the set design, character choreography, and cinematography based on notes from the creative sessions. When deadlines are tight, I just keep working until the storyboards are done. I was a full-time freelance comic artist for several years, and the stamina I built up during those years continues to serve me well.

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CV: Is there a title that you like working on the most right now? If so, why is that?

SC: I really love all the titles I’m working on. MEDIC and SLAB take place in a hospital and science lab, and I feel like my art can thrive in those locations. RISE explores how our zombies work together, and Bill Jemas built an entire story around hidden things happening in the background, which came out better than any of us imagined. My duties on HONOR have been mostly action scenes, so it’s nice to just sit back and let the action do the talking.

CV: What do you take inspiration from when you’re drawing for Double Take? Any classic zombie movies or comics?

SC: My inspiration for drawing for Double Take is just “making more Double Take comics.” Completing each issue and completing each superpack is such a reward in itself that I work hard just to have those moments of triumph with Bill Jemas, lead story editor Mike Coast, and our assistant editors Elysia Liang, Charlotte Greenbaum and Caroline Flanagan. Other than that, my general art inspiration stems from my early love of U.S. cartoons/toys like TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE, VISIONARIES; comic artists like Will Eisner, Dave Gibbons, Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Jae Lee, Marc Silvestri, Whilce Portacio; and Japanese anime like SAINT SEYA, AKIRA, FIST OF THE NORTH STAR, the GHIBLI movies, CITY HUNTER, MACROSS, NINJA SCROLL.

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CV: Will you be returning to the series you worked on in Genesis III for Genesis IV, or will you be the artist on different titles?

SC: I’ve completed work on MEDIC #4, RISE#4, HONOR #4, SLAB #4 and a bit of Z-MEN #4. The more efficiently I finish my duties on one title, the more I’m rewarded with work on another title.

CV: Double Take is a publisher that primarily focuses on digital comics. What’s your opinion on digital comics and their place in the comic book industry?

SC: Digital comics are a great opportunity to expand comics beyond the reach of print publications. Comics need all the outreach they can get through various mediums. I wholly stand behind Double Take’s approach to digital comics. Being able to see each panel full screen and being able to advance the animation frame by frame is awesome. I encourage everyone to try it. We are one of the few companies who create the visuals for digital consumption, and then adjust our visuals for print publication. Most companies do it the other way around, but Double Take is here to shake things up and challenge the established norm of comics, and I’m really proud to be a part of that.

CV: Why do you think Double Take is the next big thing in comics?

SC: Every day at Double Take, our team creates characters and locations to build a universe. Every day in digital and in print, we grow our fanbase organically with the help of dedicated fans. Every day, we keep an eye on the horizon to our long goal of creating IPs that are profitable in movies and merchandise. I bring my “A” game every day to make sure Double Take has the best chance of success.

And that’s all we’ve got from Double Take’s Stan Chou! You can see more from him on Twitter @ArtistStan. Make sure to check out his work in Genesis IV in a comic book store near you!

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