Previously in CAPTAIN MARVEL, our titular hero got into a battle with the notorious Nuclear Man. In the midst of the fight, Nuclear Man abducted a reporter. So, in true heroic fashion, Captain Marvel chased after the two and ended up traveling through a portal to an island within a post-apocalyptic reality. Within that reality, Nuclear Man has entrapped various women including Spider-Woman, Hazmat, and Echo. Meanwhile, the men on the island are sequestered in a Citadel, preparing for world domination.

Despite that gender division, Captain Marvel and her allies encountered a male ally, Som, and began establishing a resistance against Nuclear Man’s infantry. As they started waging battle against Nuclear Man’s army, She-Hulk found herself traveling through the portal. However, she lost her powers during her travel, leaving her in complete free fall as she made her descent to the island in complete human form.

captain marvel #3
CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Breaking the Barrier

So, CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 kicks off with Captain Marvel rescuing She-Hulk just in the nick of time. Following the rescue, Captain Marvel takes She-Hulk back to the rebel headquarters where she reconvenes with her allies. There, Captain Marvel discovers that Som is actually Nuclear Man’s son. He informs her that he thinks Nuclear Man wants to have a child with her as Nuclear Man believes her to be powerful enough to carry his offspring and thus continue his dynasty.

Due to this relation to Nuclear Man, Captain Marvel doesn’t completely trust Som. Although, she finds his intel valuable and is not willing to send him back to his father. So, she decides to keep him around.

Later, the allies come to discover that the island maintains an energy barrier that is preventing escape. Thankfully, Som deduces that there is a way around the barrier and leads Captain Marvel along with other allies through a passageway towards escape.

captain marvel #3
CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Punch Heard Around the World

Unsurprisingly, the team’s journey is not as smooth as they initially expected. Smack dab in the middle of Captain Marvel’s journey through the passageway, she ends up getting a brutal punch in the face from none other than Rogue herself.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 is certainly a dynamic issue as it moves the plot along quite well. I particularly enjoy the developments in regard to Som’s character as he is slowly but surely proving to be more than just a generic side character. With this, my favorite aspect of this issue’s work in character development is the depiction of Captain Marvel as a formidable leader. That specific quality is truly driving this series and providing Captain Marvel with an elevated nuance.

Now, the series still falters in its overarching narrative. I still find the plot regarding Nuclear Man to be thin and lacking depth. Therefore, I am excited to see what role Rogue will play in upcoming issues. Of course, she has some history with Carol Danvers, and not totally positive history.

So, that dynamic will most definitely be entertaining and will hopefully give this series a little boost.

captain marvel #3
CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 page 30. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of CAPTAIN MARVEL #3

The artwork of CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 is somewhat of a mixed bag. On one hand, much of the character depictions are inconsistent. Additionally, the action sequences come across as greatly unbalanced.

However, some of the more isolated images come across quite well. For example, the first featured page in this review features a gorgeous image of Captain Marvel feeling helpless as she watches her friend potentially descend to her death. In that moment, penciller Carmen Carnero really taps into Carol Danvers’ vulnerability and overarching responsibility she perpetually upholds.

I also love the shots of Captain Marvel totally powered up. The semblance of her body engulfed in flames is totally captivating.

Finally, Tamra Bonvillain implements some gorgeous color combinations throughout. I particularly enjoy the reddish-brown, earthy tones she implements throughout. Those hues truly ground this work and give CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 a warm palette.

Though, overall, I do wish there was more consistency throughout this issue to truly bring these pages together.

What Lies Beyond

CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 undoubtedly moves the plot forward in fluid fashion. Our titular hero really shines as a revolutionary hero and leader who does not falter in her confidence to save lives.

With this though, I wish Nuclear Man was a more nuanced villain who posed a more compelling challenge to Captain Marvel. Hopefully, we will see more significant developments from his character in future issues. Of course, the most memorable aspect of CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 lies in the reveal that Rogue is also on this dystopian island.

Whether or not that is a good thing for Captain Marvel remains to be seen.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 by Kelly Thompson, Carmen Carnero, Tamra Bonvillain, & Clayton Cowles
CAPTAIN MARVEL #3 includes some exciting new twists and turns in the war against Nuclear Man, though the story itself is still in need of a boost.
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