VOID TRIP #1 by Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus
The art of Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus' VOID TRIP #1 is absolutely phenomenal. Although at times the characters feel a little cliché, they do not feel overdone or out of place. The story is a fun and funny adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
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One Hell of a Ride

Have you ever had to escape from space aliens while high as balls? Me neither. But VOID TRIP #1 by Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus gives an experience you won’t soon forget. Ana and Gabe are the last humans in the universe. That’s right, the entire universe. But that doesn’t stop them on their quest to find Euphoria, a place considered “the promised land.” What that means is anybody’s guess at the moment. Yet we are given an adventure that will delight and maybe leave you asking for more froot. Maybe you’ll like Mooreberry, which offers intense psychedelic experiences. Or perhaps you’d rather Gaimangos, which will turn everything into a magical fairy tale? Maybe even Busiekhini, which tastes like the best food you’ve ever had! Just give it a go and ride this high.

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VOID TRIP #1 is a High Ride

VOID TRIP #1 starts with Ana and Gabe doing a not-so-legal spaceship fill up. While siphoning gas from a tanker, the two are almost caught by a bug-bear looking alien. Quick on her feet, Ana creates a cover, and the two manage to escape unscathed. However, we quickly learn that someone, or something, is following the pair and we don’t know why. Maybe it’s the siphoning of gas? The many different froots the pair are taking? Or maybe something is going on that we don’t know yet. Either way, the duo are on their way to Euphoria, and nothing is going to stop them… or so I hope.

Void Trip #1
Image courtesy of Image Comics

The balance between the two main characters is a little cliché, but not overdone. Although Ana plays the goofy, almost overly-paranoid stoner and Gabe is more the straight man, the two character types don’t feel like clichés. Ana is more willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get to Euphoria. She doesn’t believe in personal ownership of things like froot or fuel. Rather, these things are only “owned” by people who wish to oppress lower-classes. By contrast, Gabe doesn’t feel it’s necessary to do any of those things. He would instead get there reasonably and not mistreat anyone on the way. The arguments they have are both exciting and hilarious.

Psychedelic Art

The art of the story is spectacular. The colors mix a space-age style with a stoner perception. Plaid Klaus’ future sci-fi backgrounds with psychedelic coloring is just absolutely perfect. His style also changes and fluctuates, giving readers a view of what it really feels like to take space froot. The colors and drawings for reality are clear. Meanwhile, the panels where we’re experiencing froot are loose, wiggly, and radiant. Let me tell you; this experience is absolutely wild to see. Additionally, Aditya Bidikar, the letterer, does a fantastic job changing lettering styles between sobriety and hallucination. It makes the reader feel the person on froot is maybe speaking a little differently, which they probably are.

Void Trip #1
Image courtesy of Image Comics

The scenery alone is worth buying this comic. I love outer space images and pictures of other worlds. But Plaid Klaus does a superb job creating worlds that are both kaleidoscopic and amazing. The colors are bright and vibrant, playing against each other to stand out and pop. Klaus also does a fantastic job with creating new aliens. My personal favorite is a Cthulhu-looking alien, but I’m sure more are to come!

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On Our Way to Euphoria

Overall, this comic creates a world that is unlike any other. Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus provide a story that is visually stunning and an absolute trip. It’s fun, funny, and the story is going to be one hell of a ride. On top of that, I want to know what exactly Euphoria is. Will it be what Ana and Gabe hope? Will the pair get caught by whatever or whoever hunting them? Strap in, kids. November 22nd is going to be a day you don’t want to miss.

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