Yes, you read that correctly. Crunchyroll has a massive opportunity for anime fans looking for a free trip to Crunchyroll Expo 2018. All you have to do is participate in a simple contest. Crunchyroll wants to hear the amazing and diverse ways you appreciate anime. Whether it be a casual appreciation or a heart-thumping obsession, everyone has a story. All you have to do to score this chance for Crunchyroll Expo VIP Badges is write a few short paragraphs sharing your unique anime experience. Since there are several story prompts, anyone will certainly be able to express themselves. As such, entry is only contingent on your putting in a little bit of work for a huge opportunity. After all, the most fun contests are always the ones with easy entry and massive prizes!

Crunchyroll Expo provides crew members with free passes and some incredibly expressive gear.
Some of Crunchyroll Expo’s crew! | Image: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Expo is taking place in San Jose, California this year. Running from September 1st through 3rd, this massive convention has everything a fan could ask for. First of all, anime fans can enjoy a massive variety of screenings, panels, and guest appearances. In addition, there will be a whole set of attractions that haven’t even been announced yet. As a company at the forefront of anime both in America and abroad, you’re sure to see the biggest names of the industry. Many of you likely know that Crunchyroll is one of the biggest sites for watching anime online, with over 20 million users! As such, they have unique access to create the best kinds of convention experience for any anime fan. But most of all, they want to involve you in making that experience spectacular!

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So, how do I enter?

Have no fear, entry is easy and simple. Conveniently, Crunchyroll offers five story prompts. From those prompts, choose one and answer it in a creative response not exceeding 500 words.  After that, email your story to by 11:59 pm Pacific Time on June 15, 2018. While some are about your own experience, some involve real-world application and observations. Check out the questions below:

  • How has anime changed your life? 
    Has anime helped you realize something about yourself, or saved your life? Be as broad or as specific as you want!

  • How did your love for anime impact your life in a positive way? 
    Job opportunities, creating friendships/relationships, career/education choices, anything goes!

  • Do you share your love of anime with your family? Does your family love anime? 
    Explain how you share the love of anime with your family – whether it’s attending events together, cosplaying, or just watching your favorite shows together. Alternatively, if your family doesn’t support your love of anime, how has that impacted your life and to what degree?

  • What’s anime fandom like in your country? 
    How do you combine your love of anime with your country’s culture? Tell us about your unique con experiences, fan gatherings, or other ways you share your love of anime with those around you.

  • How has using something you’ve learned from anime helped you in the real world? 
    This can be anything from a lesson you’ve learned that you were able to apply to your life or something that has helped you through a difficult time.

Tell your Story! On to Crunchyroll Expo!

Especially relevant is that all entrants will automatically earn entry into the international contest with 30 eligible countries! The highest prize will go to one winner and a guest. Both will earn VIP CRX 2018 Badges, free roundtrip airfare, and accommodations at the convention. The VIP tickets alone are nearly $700 dollars in value! In addition to the top story, five others will receive a one year Crunchyroll Premium Membership. Even the lower prizes are a steal!

So, what are you waiting for? Submissions are open now! But, you only have about two weeks to submit your story before 11:59 on June 15th. Be sure to check out Crunchyroll’s official post on the contest for full rules and conditions. Also, check the official Crunchyroll Expo site for exciting updates and information on tickets. In the meantime, give us a sneak peak of your anime story in the comment section! Or, if you need some inspiration, check out Crunchyroll staff telling their anime stories here.

Featured image from Crunchyroll.

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