Ed Brisson brings original crime fiction to comic books in THE VIOLENT— and does it well.

THE VIOLENT #1 by Ed Brisson, Adam Gorham, and Michael Garland

the violent

Since this is the first issue the plot is centered around setting up the main conflict that will probably span most of the series. Without spoiling it, the plot is interesting, though it does seem like it’s been done before. The issue is paced well and has good dramatic timing, which is always important, especially in crime fiction. There are plenty of moments of drama, with enough story-building, passive scenes to make sure you have the idea in your head. The only reason that I gave plot a 3.8/5 is the fact that sometimes it feels like it’s been done before.

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the violent

The art in this book, in my opinion, is very well done. It’s clean and well colored, though not so polished that it seems to be too clean for the subject matter. The coloring is very nice and it was colored to fit the story. On some pages the coloring is lighter and happier, while on others it is more somber or neutral, depending on the part of the story. The coloring is also nice in some parts, like the first panel in this review, because it helps set the tone. The first panel in the review is one of the more dramatic moments of the issue and the coloring helps emphasize that.

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I really enjoy the crime fiction genre, so I found this series interesting, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. As I said, the plot seems slightly cliché, but that could change in later issues. The writing is well done and clean, it’s pacing is amazingly well thought out. I’m a big fan of the art, mostly because it fits the theme and helps set the tone of the series. The line work and colors are, clearly, well-thought out to fit the events of the story happening, and they help set the mood for the scene.

I’m definitely looking forward to checking out future issues of THE VIOLENT.

the violent

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