VINDICATION #4 by MD Marie, Carlos Miko, and Thiago Goncalves
MD Marie's impactful crime drama about the corrupt legal system in America and a young black man's determination to prove his own innocence comes to a close in VINDICATION #4.
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A comic story relevant to modern times.
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VINDICATION #4 brings this incredibly well written crime drama to an intensifying close. Writer MD Marie along with artist Carlos Miko and Thiago Goncalves do a fantastic job at saving the best for last. The cat and mouse game between newly exonerated Turn Washington and Detective Chip Christopher finds a newly discovered twist. Both Turn and Chip Christopher come face to face with the realization that neither knows as much as they think they do.


VINDICATION #4 opens with a gut punching fact about Turn Washington’s brother. Turn sends his ex-girlfriend Lisa (a private investigator) to find his brother because he may be able to unlock a cell phone that could potentially contain clues to a murder. During their conversation Lisa discovers more than the contents on the cell phone. It would seem that Turn’s own brother was part of the reason he went to jail in the first place. He had been working with corrupt cops and used Turn’s ID upon getting caught. Meanwhile Internal Affairs are looking closer at Chip Christopher’s case.

While MD Marie does an excellent job at bringing most of the story’s main revelations to the surface, the amount of characters and events going on does get a bit confusing at times. Some of the characters begin to look the same causing you to do a double take. Despite the blurred lines of character involvement, the story does manage to stay focused on Turn Washington.

Vindication #4-Revelation
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The dialogue plays a crucial role within this series. Since the first issue, the dialogue has been a perfect balance with the pacing of the story. The whodunit element also keeps you turning the page. You really want to know just what the hell is going on and who really murdered the jurors from Turn’s trial. The story really does draw you in and makes you feel as though you’re watching a few episodes of LAW & ORDER. Another plus is how the story wraps up all loose ends within the story. We’re not left questioning what happens or left with cliffhangers. By the end of the issue it feels like you want to keep going, but it ends in a way that you have to read to believe.

Hard Hitting Reality

Vindication is a hard hitting look at a very relevant topic in our country dealing with African American males having the highest arrest and incarceration rate in the United States. MD Marie took a bold stance at writing about a subject that not many people like to bring up or talk about in America: racial injustice. The story is a constant reminder of the corruptness in our criminal justice system. It also does a good job of showing a perspective of stereotypes and how they are used to make an assumption about specific groups of people without having all the facts.

Vindication #4-Investigation moves forward
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Racial Injustice Brought to Life

Artist Carlos Miko’s pencil work on VINDICATION is truly something special. He draws the characters from a realistic viewpoint. His artistry helps give the book its grittiness, realism, and heart the series needs. In addition to that he does an excellent job at keeping the story grounded. Miko never loses sight of the characters, backgrounds, or gritty feel of the story. This helps keep the story relatable and reminds us that these situations still continue to happen today.

Vindication #4-Betrayal by Family
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Thiago Goncalves color work is pretty amazing. It’s no question that Gonclaves palette of colors sets the mood from the opening page. He also does a fantastic job with bringing out the detail within Miko’s pencil work. His colors also really help show the facial details of the characters. This gives readers a good understanding of the impact situations and things have on each character.

Full Vindication

Marie, Miko, and Goncalves have given us a very powerful series that I’m sad to see come to an end. The series only consisted of four issues. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out, you can easily catch up. The storyline, artwork, and message resonate across our country. I hope it opens the door for more artists to tell stories dealing with today’s hard hitting issues. All in all, this is a great series to read and keeps you guessing until you get to the end. Check out VINDICATION #4 at a comic retailer near you and catch up with the entire series if you haven’t already.

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