WHAT DOES A VILLAIN HAVE TO DO TO GET A HEADLINE? by Brian Delpozo with art by Jonathan Helmke. This original webcomic was produced and edited by Kristine Don exclusively for ComicsVerse. Please view in full screen for optimal enjoyment!


Hello all, I hope you enjoyed my first ever published comic story, emphasis on published since I’ve been writing my own comics almost as long as I can remember. Over that time I’ve written plenty of scripts, short stories, and even mapped out a whole series I hope to complete one day, but had never had something truly published before. That brings me to my first thank you: Justin Alba, our Comicsverse CEO and fearless leader. Last year as I was in the midst of a carrier change, Justin offered me the chance to write for Comicsverse. Over the last 11 months I’ve had a blast writing for this site, attending cons, interviewing creators, and most importantly getting to know the whole Comicsverse family. On top of that, Justin’s now afforded me the opportunity to write this script and have it published, fulfilling a lifelong dream and helping me further my goal of becoming a professional comics writer.

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Of course, as anyone in the know can tell you, comics are very rarely a one man show. This story is no different, which brings me to my next two huge “thank yous.” First to our brilliant artist Jonathan Helmke. Since I can’t even draw a stick figure, a great artist is essential to any comics story I want to tell, and Jonathan went above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. He breathed life into my concepts, and added invaluable improvements to the story. Next there’s out editor extraordinaire Kristine Don. This being my first published comics product meant I had an absurd amount of questions which Kristine was always there to answer. She also provided positive encouragement, a critical eye when necessary, and generally kept the whole project (and two other Comicsverse webcomics) on track. I can honestly say that this project never would have come to fruition without her. I give the most heartfelt of thanks to both Jonathan and Kristine, and hope this is just the first of many times we work together.

Finally, I’d like to thank anyone reading this. Whether you’re a Comicsverse reader, a staff member, a family member, or friend, I appreciate the fact that you’ve take the time to read this project, and hope you enjoyed it.

See you down the road,

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