Venom fans assemble! Ryan Penagos, Marvel’s Vice President and Executive of Digital Media, announced on the weekly podcast, This Week in Marvel, a new six-part story called VENOM INC! Eddie Brock will reunite with Peter Parker starting in VENOM INC/ALPHA #1, written by Dan Slott and Mike Costa with art by Ryan Stegman. This kicks off a six-issue series that will continue in Dan Slott’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #972 and then Mike Costa’s VENOM #159.

Venom and Spider-Man, though classic foes of one another, have not appeared in the same story for years. As a part of MARVEL LEGACY, Peter Parker will once again meet up with the classic antihero Eddie Brock. It is unclear whether Venom and Spidey will be fighting or allies in this comic. Executive Editor Nick Lowe also teased the addition of Flash Thompson who also donned the Venom Symbiote. Between these three characters, Marvel promises that “this is one reunion you’re not going to want to miss.”


Now, what does this mean for the future of these famous web slingers? Will VENOM INC begin a new era of Venom and Spidey constantly crossing over in the comics? Or is this a one-time thing? I know I would love to see Venom regularly crossover with popular Spider-Man characters like The Sinister Six, J. Jonah Jameson, or Kraven the Hunter! Hell, I’d even take an Aunt May/Venom crossover. Hopefully, LEGACY will give us some more Venom-Spidey action.

As Marvel themselves say, we are living in a sort of “Venom renaissance or Venom-ssance.”  With the new Tom Hardy VENOM movie coming out in 2018, a lot more of the Eddie Brock and his Black Symbiote will be all over the place. We’ll have to wait until December for VENOM INC. to find out. Until then, tell ComicsVerse if you’re excited for VENOM INC. and whether you want more VENOM crossovers in the comments below!

VENOM INC. Cover Gallery

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