Finally, the origins of the Klyntar are revealed! How did this Symbiote species begin? In prior issues of VENOM, we met Knull, who claimed to be the god of all Symbiotes. In this VENOM #4 preview, Knull explains just how he earned this title.

As the preview shows, in this upcoming issue, Knull details how he came into existence. It looks like he was born before the creation of the main Marvel Universe. This ancient creature, born in the void of space (but don’t tell him that!) proves to be a force of great violence. He takes down an entire Celestial all by himself!

The Klyntar Meets its Maker in VENOM #3

As a result, Knull created the very first Symbiote as a sword that killed a god. As you can see in our VENOM #4 preview, the celestials banished Knull to his dark corner of the universe. There, he became the so-called “God of the Forge.” You can call Knull many things, but being humble isn’t one of them!  But how did this weapon created by an intergalactic murderer turn into a Symbiotic life form? Pick up VENOM #4 and find out!

VENOM #4 arrives in your local comic book shop and on Comixology on July 25th. For now, check out our VENOM #4 preview for your Symbiote fix. Donny Cates continues what is sure to be a legendary VENOM run with this issue. With superstar artists Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin making the pages look gorgeous, how can you go wrong?

Now that Knull’s arrived on Earth, what will the Symbiotes’ creator do with the Venom symbiote? Will Eddie and Miles Morales survive their fateful encounter with the God of all Symbiotes? How will the Klyntar’s origins factor into Venom’s showdown with Knull?

Pick up VENOM #4 on July 25th for answers to these burning questions!

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VENOM #4 Preview

VENOM #4 PreviewVENOM #4 PreviewVENOM #4 PreviewVENOM #4 PreviewVENOM #4 PreviewAll images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


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