VENOM #163

Jean Grey is now a Poison…and she’s attacking Venom and the X-Men! Cullen Bunn, Edgar Salazar, and Ario Anindito‘s fifth installment of the “Poison-X” arc promises a climactic conclusion to one of the best crossover arcs in VENOM (and X-MEN BLUE) history. Check out the opening pages below for a sneak peek at VENOM #163.

5 Things We Learn From the VENOM Teaser Trailer

To Me, My Poisons

VENOM #163 picks up where X-MEN BLUE #22 left off. Poisons, which are creepy alien beings that use symbiote bodies as hosts, infected Jean and Killer Thrill. Like with symbiotes, Poisons amplify the powers of their hosts. But, unlike symbiotes, once infected, the Poison takes control of the host’s consciousness, which is what seems to be happening in VENOM #163. As the most powerful mutant on the X-Men’s Blue team, Jean is the last person who should be made into a Poison. Honestly, the only thing we really don’t need in comics is another version of an out of control Jean Grey. It’s always bad news.

While the Blue team and Venom are fighting the poisonous Jean, Cyclops is rescuing the Starjammers. After not being able to sense Jean through his telepathic rapport, Cyclops is immediately anxious. In the fourth issue of the “Poison-X” arc, Jean worries about somehow losing Cyclops during the mission. Now, her worries make sense. The last page of the preview shows a red optic blast hitting a few Poisons. Jean is going to see Cyclops again…but she won’t really be Jean anymore. This situation sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it DARK PHOENIX SAGA fans?

VENOM #163 may be a part of Venom’s solo series, but Bunn seems to be giving Eddie a back seat for this one. While the “Poison-X” arc is definitely a crossover, it’s more an X-Men exploration into the Venom-verse. Venom is there, helping the X-Men understand this crazy, alien world, but it’s the X-Men who are having to transform and fight in order to save Cyclops’ dad. Since the next issue of X-MEN BLUE isn’t starring the typical Blue team, I think it’s safe to say the events in VENOM #163 are going to have some lasting effects on the X-Men.

Sneak Peek at VENOM #163

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