Marvel provided us with an exclusive for VENOM #160, the next issue in the “Venom Inc.” crossover series, and it looks awesome!

“Venom Inc.” stars the casts of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and VENOM. The series is brought to you by writers Dan Slott and Mike Costa with art by Ryan Stegman and Gerardo Sandoval. The series has been an absolute blast to read thus far. There’s tons of witty character interactions, fun action sequences, and incredible artwork.

I was a bit skeptical of the “Venom Inc.” crossover when it was first announced. Luckily, all of my doubts have been put to rest. I’ve been in love with this crossover since the VENOM INC. ALPHA. Slott and Costa have injected so much energy into this story, and Stegman and Sandoval capture every ounce of that energy with their beautiful pages. I knew I was in for a treat when that first splash page of Spidey showed up in the ALPHA. This has just been a really fun superhero story all-around.

VENOM #160 is Part 5 of the series. In Part 4, the symbiote known as Maniac managed to infect five powerful crime families with his symbiotic powers, bending them all to his will. Now, Venom, Flash Thompson (as the new Anti-Venom), Andrea Benton (formerly the symbiote Mania), and the Black Cat are off to confront them.

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Eddie Brock as Venom is sporting a familiar “Lethal Protector” look. Black Cat’s dipped her claws in an Anti-Venom serum. Andi’s got some cool fire magic going from her Hell Mark. And the new Anti-Venom himself is just plain badass.

Spidey was infected during Part 4 of “Venom Inc.”, but was cured later on in the same issue. He appears to have been infected once again in Part 5. However, I suspect this to be a clever ruse by him against Maniac and his newly infected crime family.

It’s so easy to tell this series has been a labor of love. Dan Slott had wanted to write a Venom story for a while, and he finally got his chance with “Venom Inc.”. He and Mike Costa have produced some great work. It’s a shame there are only two issues left, but I’m eagerly looking forward to what the writers have got in store!

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Will this unlikely team be able to defeat Maniac and his infected goons? Find out on January 10th when VENOM #160 hits the shelves!

VENOM #160 Image Gallery

While you wait, take a look at ComicsVerse’s image gallery below! It features an incredible splash page by Gerardo Sandoval. Seriously, it’s pure gold.


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