In VENOM #14, written by Cullen Bunn, Eddie Brock goes on a rampage. After borrowing a symbiote-substitute from an old witch, Eddie Brock enters WAR OF THE REALMS! As a result, this tie-in issue shows Brock using his anger to control his new magic suit.

Additionally, the VENOM #14 preview below displays which memories Brock uses to manipulate his rage. One of them features Spider-Man punching Brock square in the face. Another shows Brock’s father doing the same.

Finally, the VENOM #14 preview ends with Brock getting hit by some sort of blast. Whatever Bunn holds in store for us, I’m sure it’ll be action-packed. Find out what happens next when VENOM #14 hits the shelves next week!


Venom 14


Published by: May 22, 2019

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Art by: Iban Coello

Covery by: Kyle Hotz

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A WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! Chaos reigns as Malekith’s campaign to take over the Nine Realms sweeps through Manhattan. With desperate battles raging all around them to quell Malekith’s horde, Venom has teamed up with an unlikely group to try to stop Malekith…or die trying.

VENOM #14 Preview Image Gallery

Venom 14
Images Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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