Venom #10

Eddie Brock is getting to know his new little half brother in this VENOM #10 preview. He has about as much patience for kids as you’d expect, so he’d admittedly rather be elsewhere. Nonetheless, he’s trying to be a “good guy,” whatever that means. Check out the preview below!


Venom #10


Written by: Donny Cates

Art by: Ryan Stegman

Cover by: Ryan Stegman

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Eddie Brock takes a walk down memory lane and revisits San Francisco for the first time in years. The homecoming is anything but pleasant, though, as he comes face-to-face with his estranged father and a little brother he never knew he had…This while the Venom symbiote remains silenced, perhaps forever, leaving Eddie to struggle by himself…

VENOM #10 Preview Image Gallery

Venom #10 Venom #10 Venom #10

Venom #10
All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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