One of the most anticipated pieces of news about DRAGON BALL is finally here. Bandai Namco has released a new gameplay trailer for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito. Often shortened to just ‘Vegito Blue,’ this character has the highest demand from fans. Part of this is likely because of his extreme power, but a lot of excitement stems from FIGHTERZ itself. DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ, in comparison to nearly every other DRAGON BALL game, looks refreshingly similar to the anime. The movement is crisp and fluid, and the combat system incorporates cinematic attacks from the anime into gameplay. In this regard, not only are fans of DRAGON BALL SUPER excited to fight as the character, but they’re excited to literally recreate Vegito’s epic beatdowns. Along with Vegito in the new DLC comes merged Zamasu, the final protagonist of DRAGON BALL SUPER’s Zamasu arc.

Vegito Blue wielded incredible power in SUPER, so he'll be a top tier character in DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ
Vegito Blue was only present for about half an episode but had one of the best fights | Image: Crunchyroll

For those unfamiliar with DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ, the “2.5D” fighting game was developed by Arc System Works and published by Bandai. As with many other arcade style fighting games, FIGHTERZ features a side-scrolling 3-on-3 battle system. Players choose from a huge roster of DRAGON BALL characters to form their team. In addition to a unique moveset, each character has their own special super attacks and finishes. Some of these bring up secret easter eggs when used against certain others. Combining these callbacks to the anime evokes the history of DRAGON BALL’s decades of amazing fights. One of the more important aspects of the game is, of course, strategy and cohesion. Characters have different stats in terms of health or attack power. Players have to assemble a team that forms combos well in order to win.


An Epic Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco practically woke up the world with the initial Vegito Blue announcement. A couple of days ago, a simple tweet asked fans what part of the then-unannounced DLC #2 they were most excited about. This of course implicitly suggests that the second DLC pack existed in the first place. On top of that Bandai put the May 31st launch date right in the title. Check out the tweet below:

For fans in America just rolling out of bed or getting started with work, this news was gloriously jarring. But that isn’t even the most exciting portion of it. Bandai announced Vegito Blue in two stages. First, with this tweet, fans found out that he and fused Zamasu were the next two DLC characters following Broly and Bardock in DLC 1. But second, released the following day, was a trailer so badass it had fans practically screaming into their screens. Check out the official Vegito Blue gameplay trailer below:

Vegito has power exceeding the combined power of both Goku and Vegeta. But in addition to his massive Saiyan power, he has double the saiyan pride. As a result, he is a ridiculously disrespectful fighter, oftentimes crossing his arms lazily and beating someone down with a single foot. He’s so strong that even this style could take down most enemies with ease. In the DRAGON BALL SUPER anime, Vegito defuses back into Goku and Vegeta from the sheer power of the fusion. He’s literally too powerful to exist. Let that sink in.

DRAGON BALL SUPER Film Release Date Announced

Amazing Battles to Come in DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ!

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ is one of the most visually spectacular DRAGON BALL games out there. Since the game’s original release at the beginning of the year, millions of fans have taken pleasure in playing as their favorites in a storyline combining old plot with new mechanics. The game also introduced its own original character, Android 21, who fans were extremely happy to see in action. In just a few weeks following its release, DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ set a record on Steam for the highest number of concurrent players of a fighting game.

Are you excited about Vegito Blue? Who else are you choosing to fight alongside him? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image from Youtube.

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