Out of all of the interviews that I had lined up at Special Edition: NYC, I was the most excited to talk to Valentine De Landro. He is the artist for my favorite comic book, Bitch Planet, while also working on X-Factor, Marvel Knights: 4, Shadowman: End Times, Adventures of Superman, G.I. Joe, Legends of Red Sonya, and numerous others.

One of things that I love most about De Landro’s work is that he is very passionate about the form, and he is not your traditional comic book artist. For example, when I walked over to his booth to buy a Bitch Planet print he was working on a commision of Supergirl with a non-compliant tattoo, the rallying cry of bitch planet fans, on the ankle. She was buxom and for once I saw a character who looked strong. I asked him about and it he said that he always pictured Supergirl as a strong Midwestern girl that could pick up a bale of hay. This interaction was exactly why I was so excited to talk to him. Not only did he have a new and fresh take on Supergirl, but I was a perspective that I had always felt. Why should a character with super strength be skinny and lanky?

In the interview, he talked at length about why he was attracted to his most recent project, Bitch Planet, and his collaboration with Kelly Sue Deconnick, Deconnick is another one of my favorite comic book creators and listening to his refer to her as Kelly Sue was another amazing moment. He also told us that the name of the next story arc for Bitch Planet will be President Bitch, in a very exclusive fashion. Aside from his work on Bitch Planet, De Landro also discussed with us at length the frustration he feels when people within the industry get upset at Marvel for trying to cash in on movies. He pointed out that the industry is trying new things more and more as he can understand from his personal work. The industry is pushing boundaries, and much like the #BlackComicsMatter and the Transgender Identities in Comics panels I visited, there was an undercurrent of a rallying cry from more diverse characters to be presented in comics with more experimental storytelling.


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