When most think of Darth Vader, they do not see him as attractive. His black suit and ominous breathing is no indication that he is a man of beauty. VADER: DARK VISIONS #3 takes a new approach to the STAR WARS story because of its interesting perspective. Dennis Hallum, the writer, has crafted an amusing story that has never been told in the STAR WARS universe. It covers a nurse stationed on the Death Star who has developed the hots for the Dark Lord of the Sith. 

Hallum’s writing paired with David Lopez’s and Javi Pina’s art make for a fun read. The art throughout is engaging to the eye. It draws your attention to places that are necessary for the plot to progress without giving details away as soon as you see it. It leaves you guessing what is going to happen next which makes for a surprising story. Each panel and page primarily focuses on the main character. Her face evokes her emotion constantly. I could always look at her face and know what she was feeling. I loved it.

Darth Vader is One Handsome Man in VADER: DARK VISIONS #3

VADER: DARK VISIONS #3 follows the life of a nurse who has an obsession with the Dark Lord of the Sith. Her infatuation for the sith lord is put into perspective early. These illustrated panels made me laugh out loud. Seeing Vader with a woman in his arms with a pink clouded background make for a hilarious sight. They are quite something to look at. Darth Vader holding this woman in his arms because he loves her is something out of another universe. This isn’t our universe. Its the nurse’s fantasies and I loved each one. Lopez and Pina capture this obsession of the nurse’s so well. Her fantasies of Vader are scattered throughout the issue. They give nice breaks from the harsh reality of her own life.

The Nurse fantasizes of Vader, Vader: Dark Visions #3
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The perspective taken on this very tertiary character is unique. I have never read anything like it in the STAR WARS universe. Her fantasies are wild enough to fit in the universe itself. I’m even questioning myself and the thoughts Vader is having of this woman. I was urged to turn the page because of the stellar writing and mesmerizing art.

Spiraling Out of Control

Without spoiling it, the nurse takes her addiction to Vader too far, leading her boss to take drastic actions. This causes the nurse to quickly spiral out of control. Her madness sets in almost immediately, leading her to Vader. In this sequence of panels, Lopez and Pina illustrate a woman who is broken from what just occurred. The look on her face and in her eyes is of a woman who seems to have lost everything she has ever loved. It makes for a fun read. This portion of the comic is a quick read because it is only a few pages. However, I flew through them because of how much I craved for the ending.

The Impact of Main Characters in STAR WARS

This comic was a fun read because of the different kind of story it told. It focuses on a character who doesn’t even receive a name. Her impact on the world is minimal, if at all present. The main character’s presence, Vader, has given this nurse a story to tell. This shows us a living universe where characters impact the world around them. In doing so, characters at the edges of their impact are affected in ways we normally would never see.

The nurse watches Vader arrive, Vader: Dark Visions #3
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

In VADER: DARK VISIONS #3, we see that impact on an imperial nurse assisting Darth Vader’s personal Doctor. Her fixation on this character is what drives her forward. She is constantly looking for a moment to see the Dark Lord or pick up a small trinket in his wake. Her collection of trinkets and items left behind in the med bay is interesting to look at. The illustrations of the items are sharp. One page goes so far as to show where a handful of items trace back to. The nurse will go above and beyond to obtain something close to Vader. This nurse shows readers the world outside the main storyline is also alive. It reacts to the main story as much as we do making it a believable world.

Obsessed with VADER: DARK VISIONS #3

Dennis Hallum, David Lopez, and Javi Pina have created a very different comic from what I have read before. It follows a nameless character who is a fanatic for the main character. Her reactions to Vader, her fantasies, and her downfall are impacts of what the dark lord leaves in his wake. This unique perspective is funny with wonderful plot points weaved throughout. You should be obsessed with VADER: DARK VISIONS #3.

VADER: DARK VISIONS gives a tertiary character the main stage as she fantasizes about the Dark Lord of the Sith. Her life seems to capsulate around Vader. She ends up going too far which throws her into madness. This is a funny and engaging comic to read.
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