SILENCER #8 has its great points and its not so great points. The bright, fun colors of the artwork pop off the page. However, the inclusion of magic in this story seems so out of place. Some of the dialogue also lacks any real emotion.
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The Silencer is on vacation with her family. Instead of catching some sun, the Honor Guest is on a mission to stop Talia al Ghul’s resurrection in SILENCER #8!

Warning, potential spoilers are below!

Welcome to Action Land

Along with her husband and son, Honor arrives at a Superman-themed amusement park. While her family is enjoying the rides, she puts on her Silencer gear and goes searching for information on Talia al Ghul. The Silencer meets Iverson, a data broker who has the inside intel on Leviathan. According to him, the hierarchy of Talia’s organization is disintegrating. Each specialty division in the organization is now fighting for complete control.

Later on, Honor briefly returns to her family. Her young son mentions the shootout in the diner from SILENCER #6. Ben’s response to the events is disturbing, and what’s surprising is that Honor doesn’t comfort her child. Despite her son being potentially scarred for life, Honor is still determined to find Talia and prevent her resurrection in the Lazarus Pit.

SILENCER #8 page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

So, here’s where the story takes an unexpected turn. That night, the Silencer faces off against Quietus, the leader of one of Leviathan factions. As they go toe-to-toe, her robotic rival tells her that a supernatural force is manipulating them both. Yes, he’s literally talking magic. Elsewhere, we meet Lady Wishbone, the leader of Leviathan’s mystical division. This horned sorceress is playing with what appear to be voodoo dolls that look just like the Silencer and Quietus. Then, as if things could not get any weirder, she uses her magic to make Quietus and Silencer switch bodies. Overpowered much? SILENCER #8 concludes with a horrified Honor, now trapped inside Quietus’ body. While her foe, now in the Silencer’s body, is taking advantage of the situation and heading to Action Land, where Honor’s family is.

Vibrant Visuals

The sheer brightness of SILENCER #8 is amazing. In terms of colors, the light blues and neon pink really pop off the page. Most of this issue is flooded with light, especially the details of the amusement park. When Silencer makes her first appearance, the shroud of shadows returns. This issue has some great contrast between light and dark. Also, this emphasizes her double life, the happiness of a normal family and the darkness of her assassin side.

All of the fight scenes look great too. When Quietus is fighting off his robot lackeys, he completely demolishes them with such a powerful force. The visuals do an awesome job at capturing that carnage. Seriously, there are bits and pieces of machine flying everywhere! Plus, the orange backdrop during the fight scene makes every punch stand out. The artwork by Patrick Zircher is not to be missed!

SILENCER #8 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Magic Curveball

So, this magical side of Leviathan came out of left field for me. With so much going on already with the war of assassins, the plot had enough chaos going on. Now, there’s magic? At this point, this left turn out of nowhere is a bit confusing. Including magic into a story like this seems somewhat unnecessary.

Could this entire war have been created through supernatural means? With everything going on already, now we have an evil sorceress to deal with. Currently, I’m waiting to be convinced that weaving magic into this plot line was a good idea. Maybe next issue?

The Silencer Versus An Army of Assassins in THE SILENCER #6

Final Thoughts on SILENCER #8

A lot is certainly happening in SILENCER #8. Some parts are great, like the eye-catching artwork by Patrick Zircher. The use of vibrant colors is seriously brilliant. The fight scenes are full of action and destruction. Unfortunately, this issue does come with its low points. With so much chaos going on already, bringing a mystic element into this story is overwhelming. Also, some of the dialogue, particularly when Honor interacts with her family, didn’t feel organic. Overall, and I hate to say this, but SILENCER #8 definitely has better visuals than story.

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