Ah, backpacking through Europe. When you’re rich, in your early 20s, and want to fulfill your hipster dreams of recreating EAT, PRAY, LOVE. Yet no trip to Europe is complete without visiting the revered nation of Latveria. Situated between Hungary, Romania, and Serbia, this beautiful nation will satisfy all your small Eastern European dreams. What’s more, it’s ruled by the great, the powerful, the person who totally did not pay me to say this: Doctor Victor von Doom.

A Brief History of Latveria

Doom did not always reign over this land. Long before our fearless leader led us to an age of enlightenment, the Haasen family ruled over the country. They founded the capital city back in 1593 by King Stefan I and Count Sabbat. They ruled the country with relative ease for centuries, until the next leader family, the wicked Fortunov Family took over.


The Fortunovs learned from some less desirable leaders how to run our country. They persecuted clans including the Zefiro where our fearless leader came from. This was a time of suffering, of pain, of fear. All that changed when the master overthrew the king with our help of course. Now, our country has free education! The Zefiro are no longer persecuted! It’s paradise! Despite outside efforts to destroy our leader, like those damned Fantastic Four, we remain strong and vigilant against those who’d defy us.

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Oh the Places You’ll See

Latveria boasts some of the most beautiful views in all the land. You first enter through Doomsport Airport — those of you lucky enough to get welcomed into our nation, I mean. Only a few flights come in and out, for who would ever wish to leave? I know I don’t. Then, you enter into the city’s capital, Hassenstadt, or rather, Doomstadt as it’s known now. The center of town has the aptly named Castle von Doom. Inspired by medieval architecture, this palace houses our leader as he plans to spread our country’s wealth to all. If you travelers decide to cast aside your current, inferior country of origin, the immigration office resides in here. We’re always looking for new members for the work force to make a better world for tomorrow.

Or do! Our borders are now open! Ignore this scary sign: all are welcome here!

You might also wish to gaze upon the Folding City. Ah yes! Our genius master created a city outside time and space. Do they have that in New York? No! Enjoy the advanced technology that parallels none. Garbage cans that go out to the street corner on their own; toothbrushes that brush your teeth for you; and, my personal favorite, shoes that walk you directly to your destination.

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The Best of The Best

I’ll bet we’ve tempted even the most skeptical traveler to join us here in Latveria. Well, hypothetical traveler; if you’re lucky enough to be granted passage into this country, you should attempt to stay. The Doombots might not feel so hospitable towards you if you do not. So pack your bags and come to Latveria before we come to you!

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