Alas, summer comes to an end. Yet there remains just enough time, just a smidge, to visit a wondrous land. A land, like the beautiful paradise that is Genosha. Well, paradise if you’re a mutant. If you’re a normal human person, then maybe not so much. Though it wasn’t always like this. For like any country worth visiting, Genosha has a sorted past that any tourist will love to soak up and enjoy.

What You Need to Know About Genosha

Why visit a big country when you can visit a small one! That’s right folks, Genosha is a small island off the coast of Madagascar. It hardly appears on any maps! But don’t let the lack of global recognition fool you: Genosha is a lovely country filled with a ton of fun activities. You can go to the history museum and learn all about how the horrible humans treated the superior mutant kind. Did you know before Magneto became ruler, all of the mutants were forced into servitude? It’s true! Fortunately, after winning us the civil war, we now live in prosperity. Enjoy hearing the cries of the defeated as the sun sets over the beautiful island. Don’t worry, we promise humans get the proper treatment they deserve.

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Rare footage of Magneto claiming his rightful place as ruler of Genosha. Now available in postcard form!

Island activities include such things like wakeboarding, hiking, whitewater rafting, and the praising of our mutant overlord Magneto. Just try not to stray too far from the capital of Hammer Bay. It gets a bit rough out there in the so-called “war zone” and might not be safe for adventurous young mutants.

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For those of you coming from X-Men occupied countries, we’d like you to know they’ve been here too! Yet unlike their reign in those countries, here in Genosha we don’t cave to the whims of human leaders. These once great warriors who fought to help Magneto take control of our island nation now call out our leader when he claims he’ll dominate the world. It’s not his fault that his soldiers’ genetics are better than his enemies’. We simply wish to bring mutants the prosperity they deserve. The prosperity you’ll surely witness when you book your week vacation! Order now and get a free guided tour of the Carrion Cove; a place as pleasant as it sounds!

Fun for Mutants and Humans Alike!

Those of mutant kind get tossed and thrown aside by their own governments. Even today, our nation still faces the ramifications of its past. We can never forgive those filthy humans for what they did to us, as such we must stay strong in out attempts at showing them our new, superior society. If you are reading this and are a human, you, of course, are welcome here too! You shall get the equally fine and revered “homo inferior” package.  Such amenities include a tour of the rock quarry. Wouldn’t it be nice to work here until the end of your days? You’d also get to see, and live in, the human barracks! It’s a beautiful building where up to 50 humans might live in at a time. Maybe we might convince you to prolong your stay in these conditions, eh human friend?

Our beautiful customs sign. Doesn’t it make you want to move here?

Genosha has had its ups and downs. Yet no matter what the UN might tell you, potential tourists, this country is definitely on the up and up. No finer example of a mutant paradise exists anywhere on earth. You’d have to be as mad as Magneto in the morning to skip this one out on your next trip to a far away land.

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