V. Ken Marion

ComicsVerse talks to artist V. Ken Marion about drawing classic DC characters, his work on HAL JORDAN AND THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS and TRINITY, and more at New York Comic Con.

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ComicsVerse: Hey guys this is ComicsVerse at New York City Comic Con 2017 and I’m here with V. Ken Marion. So first question, so how did you get your start in illustrating comics and everything?

V. Ken Marion: So I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I was always in to superheros and I just kind of figured as I got older “Oh you get paid to do this”. So I went to college for animation and eventually worked my way into comics just bringing my portfolio around and getting gigs here and there and eventually I started working at Aspen Comics and then just two years ago I started working on DC. So yeah, that’s how it happened.

ComicsVerse: So who would you say were your inspirations growing up, artist-wise.

V. Ken Marion: Artist-wise, Jim Lee and Michael Turner were definitely the two guys that made me want to draw for sure. I mean there are so many guys now that are huge influences for me but the initial what inspired me was those two guys. So I’m still huge fans of them.

ComicsVerse: Me too, so many people do. So when you drew for DC were there any explicit instructions that they wanted you to draw a certain way or were you allowed free reign?

V. Ken Marion: They let me do what I do and yeah it was good. Getting to draw the iconic characters like Green Lantern and I’m now working on TRINITY which is Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman. I’ve been drawing these characters for fun since I was like, as long I can remember so it’s like I know exactly what I want to do with them. Yeah it’s been great, they’ve been awesome to work with.

ComicsVerse: You mentioned TRINITY, are there any other side projects that you’re working on that you want to give a shout out to?

V. Ken Marion: I’m pretty much only working on the stuff I do for DC just because deadlines, and you know, crunch time can happen so…I do covers here and there for other companies. I just did the New York Comic Con exclusive for Aspen comics for DECIMATION. Also I did a RED SONJA recently for Dynamite and that’s coming out I want to say next month or in two months. I think it’s issue number 11. But almost all my time’s at doing the DC thing and doing the TRINITY and Green Lantern.

ComicsVerse: Sounds good man. Yeah.

V. Ken Marion: It’s all fun. It’s like everything I’ve wanted so it’s great to have the opportunity to work on these books you know.

ComicsVerse: I feel it I feel it. Alright well thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us.

V. Ken Marion: Of course, thank you.

ComicsVerse: Alright guys, well this is Fabio signing off. You guys can find us on all social media and at www.ComicsVerse.com.

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