Marvel Comics has recently announced the release of a number of exciting comic books that will be hitting stands throughout 2018! From the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN’S highly-anticipated 800th issue to a new story from acclaimed writer Nnedi Okorafor entitled WAKANDA FOREVER, Marvel fans certainly have a lot to look forward to this year!

So, want a preview of some of these epic new releases?

Let’s dive into Marvel Comics’ upcoming slate of works from highly anticipated follow-ups to refreshing beginnings!

WAKANDA FOREVER Will Unite Spider-Man, X-Men, and the Dora Milaje

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Nnedi Okorafor is back with the upcoming series: WAKANDA FOREVER. The first installment of the three-part series, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: WAKANDA FOREVER #1, will be hitting stands on June 27th. As the title suggests, you can expect a thrilling team-up between our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and the iconic Okoye alongside the rest of the Dora Milaje!

The Tradition and Magic Themes in BLACK PANTHER

Now, the ride doesn’t stop there! X-MEN: WAKANDA FOREVER #1, the second installment of the series, will feature an intense confrontation between the Dora Milaje and a warrior who used to be one of their own: Nakia. When Nakia attempts to eliminate Black Panther’s love, the notable X-Men known as Storm, Okoye, Ayo, and Aneka lead an offensive against the former member of the Dora Milaje who is now known as Malice!

So, this is an adventure you sure don’t want to miss.

Be there this June when the battle begins!

A Fresh Start Ensues in ASTONISHING X-MEN #13

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He’s written PHOENIX RESURRECTION. He’s written TALES OF SUSPENSE, and he’s currently writing stories for NEW MUTANTS. Who is he? Well, Matthew Rosenberg of course!

Rosenberg has contributed to so many memorable stories within this year alone. So, it is incredibly exciting to say that he and artist Greg Land, who has been working on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, will be taking on the tales of ASTONISHING X-MEN. Unfortunately though, we’re going to have to wait a little bit for that first collaboration since ASTONISHING X-MEN #13 hits stands on the 4th of July.

Now, with the change of the creative team, you should also expect a change in the X-Men line-up. Dazzler, Beast, Colossus, Havok, and Warpath will be taking the lead in the series’ 13th installment. Get ready for a fresh new take on our favorite mutant squad coming to you this July!

Frank Castle is the COSMIC GHOST RIDER!

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Frank Castle has been having quite the identity crisis as of late. You may know him as the Punisher. Well, scratch that. Maybe you know him as Ghost Rider since he made that deal with the devil that one time.

Actually though, he is not really known by any of those names anymore. Now, he is known by a different name. After the events of THANOS #13, a new Castle and Ghost Rider rose from the shadows: Cosmic Ghost Rider! In his very own solo series, the story of the Cosmic Ghost Rider will be in the hands of writer Donny Cates and artist Dylan Burnett. Cates has been writing for the THANOS series, so this series will give him the opportunity to continue Castle’s bizarre adventures.

The five-issue saga will take the former-Punisher to places he has never been before! Get your hands on the first issue of this eccentric new series when it hits stands on July 4th, 2018!

Laura Kinney is Back in X-23 #1

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From writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Juann Cabal comes a brand new story starring Laura Kinney herself! After operating as Wolverine for some time, Laura is back as the lethal X-23. With the first two issues coming out this July, fans can expect an intense journey for our titular hero.

Why X-23’s Story Matters to Survivors

Working alongside her sister, Gabby, and beloved pet wolverine named Jonathan, Laura will face new enemies that will challenge her very fate. According to Tamaki, X-23 will touch on the themes of family and agency. In a message regarding the upcoming series, she states, “This is a story about being in the very weird kind of family that someone like Laura/X-23 finds herself in. It’s about what it means to wrestle with legacy and identity when you were created to be a weapon and not someone with a birthday and a sister. I love writing these characters, I love the ferocity that comes with them, and I love the supporting cast we’ve put together for these issues.”

So, be sure to pick up X-23 #1 and be a part of the adventure when it hits stands this July!

History is Made with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800

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In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798, the Red Goblin was born. In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799, the entity formerly known as Norman Osborn defeated Spider-Man and his allies with ease. Unfortunately, he did not just stop there. Osborn would also kidnap his own grandchildren and transform Normie into a Red Goblin. With seemingly no weaknesses, Spider-Man’s horrifying new enemy appears unstoppable.

So, how will this fight end? You just have to wait and see!

Hitting stands on May 30th, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 will offer readers the epic confrontation they have been waiting for but, potentially, with some tragic consequences.

Be there to witness the first Marvel Comics series hit 800 issues as the battle between Spider-Man and the Red Goblin reaches a head.

Marvel’s First Family Returns in FANTASTIC FOUR #1

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This August, Marvel Comics’ first family is coming back to grace comic book pages in an explosive new series from writer Dan Slott and artist Sara Pichelli. In addition to the upcoming release of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Marvel is also launching TRUE BELIEVERS.

The TRUE BELIEVERS collection will consist of reprints of a variety of iconic Fantastic Four stories. From comics that introduced the squad in 1961 to the “What If?” saga in 1977, the reprints will be lauded by loyal fans and new readers alike.

Upon the announcement of FANTASTIC FOUR #1, Marvel released an advertisement that encapsulates the entire history of the Fantastic Four. So, the impending beginning of this new series is definitely a pivotal moment in comic book history as a new age commences for Marvel Comics’ first superhero team.

There’s Been an Awakening in VENOM

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Hitting stands May 9th, VENOM #1 will present an innovative perspective on Eddie Brock and his relationship with his lethal symbiote. The new series will explore an interesting, dark conflict consuming our titular anti-hero, and writer Donny Cates is more than happy to take the reigns on that challenge.

In a statement regarding VENOM’s plot, he says, “Things are not great for Eddie as our story begins. Something has happened to his other that, well, I don’t want to spoil too much, but for the first time in a very long time, Eddie is scared of his own shadow. Something is changing between them. And it’s…disturbing, to say the least.”


Prepare yourself for an ominous tale that will bring Eddie Brock face to face with daunting, unexpected adversaries!

A New Age Begins in CAPTAIN AMERICA #1

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Many of the works on this list signify pivotal moments for iconic Marvel characters. CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, hitting stands this June, is no different. From acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and artist Leinil Francis Yu comes a new beginning for Captain America. However, this new beginning will not necessarily come with ease.

After the recent events involving Hydra, there are plenty of people who lack faith in Captain America. With this, an imposing threat has begun making its presence known. Calling themselves the Power Elite, the villainous group are on a dedicated mission. They wish to destroy the symbol that is Captain America. The question is though, will they succeed?

Be sure to pick up a copy of CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 when it hits stands this July and experience the beginning of a new age.

The Marvel Comics Takeover

Marvel Comics is putting out all the stops this summer with their astonishing slate of releases! A plethora of award-winning writers and artists are taking the reigns on notable characters and mythologies. Most importantly though, these writers and artists are taking chances by incorporating original takes on those characters.

So, keep your eyes peeled for what Marvel is bringing to the table this year because you don’t want to miss a thing!

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