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But beware all ye who enter here for this post is dark and full of spoilers!

This was a big week for Marvel, with the comics seller putting out multiple new series and a bunch of exciting issues. With so many great stories going on, things can get a little confusing, which is why we’re here to break down the best Marvel moments of the week. From terrifying symbiote scares in VENOM #1 to age-altering cupcakes in RUNAWAYS #9, we bring you the Unsung Marvel Moments of May 9th!

VENOM #1: Breakups are Hard

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VENOM #1. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The first installment of the highly anticipated VENOM series from writer Donny Cates and artist Ryan Stegman is wonderfully dark and gritty. Of course, one would expect for a series with Venom as its lead to be generally dark in nature. However, what one may not expect is for Eddie Brock’s current relationship with the symbiote to be tumultuous.

Brock is genuinely afraid of the symbiote because its thoughts and feelings lately have been, as he puts it, “Erratic. Cruel.” On top of all this, Brock is experiencing some pretty brutal nightmares that haunt him even when he’s awake. Unfortunately for Brock though, this will be the least of his worries come the conclusion of VENOM #1.

This Week in Unsung Marvel Moments — April 25th, 2018

So, one of this week’s Marvel moments lies in the final confrontation between Venom and some ancient symbiotes. During the fight, Brock’s symbiote suddenly abandons him, leaving him completely exposed. As a result, one of the ancient symbiotes impales a defenseless Brock. As Brock begins succumbing to his wounds, he comes to believe that his symbiote willingly abandoned him. However, his symbiote vows to him that it wasn’t their decision. Rather, they were forced to do so by some other, stronger entity.

Thus, the final moments of VENOM #1 make this week’s list due to their overall intensity and twists. This introductory issue ultimately sets up an engaging storyline for Cates and Stegman to work with. So, it won’t be surprising to see upcoming issues on future installments of Unsung Marvel Moments.

DOMINO #2: An Explosive Ending

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DOMINO #2. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

If the cliffhanger ending of VENOM #1 left you breathless, then prepare for more jaw-dropping moments in DOMINO #2. Writer Gail Simone hits it out of the park again with a poignant issue that centralizes on its titular merc. Most importantly though, Simone expertly develops Domino’s relationship with her closest friends: Outlaw, Diamondback, and Deadpool.

Domino is a character who internalizes her feelings and fears exposing her vulnerabilities. However, her friends understand that aspect of her character. They never push her as they can understand where her mind is at without any outward expression.

So, with this significant characterization of Domino in regard to her peers, you can imagine the shock readers felt when they witnessed Domino’s new foe, Topaz, seemingly blowing up Outlaw and Diamondback upon the end of DOMINO #2. We’ll have to wait until the next issue of DOMINO to discover the two’s fate, but until then we can only hope for the best.

Topaz has now truly made her evil known, and we can only wait and see if Domino will be able to stop her.

An Ancient Threat Falls From the Skies in AVENGERS #1

RUNAWAYS #9: Forever Young

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RUNAWAYS #9. Cover. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

In RUNAWAYS #8, writer Rainbow Rowell introduced the idea of a cupcake that can grant eternal childhood…but in RUNAWAYS #9 that seemingly harmless confection becomes something seriously dangerous. Original Runaway Molly Hayes is finally going to school and being a “normal” middle-schooler (if that were a thing) but her simple schooldays are ruined when her friend, Abigail, offers her a magical cupcake. According to Abigail, the cupcake gives its user a permanent childhood. Abigail herself ate the other cupcake a while ago and has remained thirteen ever since. Molly, who enjoys being young but also wants to grow up, is torn.

In RUNAWAYS #9, Molly leaves the cupcake out before leaving with the other Runaways. Julie Power — Karolina Dean’s girlfriend — comes into the empty house, hoping to find Karolina. In her disappointment, she eats the cupcake. When the Runaways return home, they find a crying, shrunken Julie.

We included Julie’s transformation from twenty-something to tween on our list of Unsung Marvel Moments for a couple of reasons. While it may not seem like a big deal, for the RUNAWAYS series, Julie becoming a child is definitely a big deal. For the most part, the series is about the Runaways adjusting to life in a world that they don’t have to run away from. It includes a lot of normal family activities and is less action-packed than most comics. Julie’s transformation (which could be permanent) will quickly dismantle that happy family dynamic. If Julie’s transformation is permanent, it could mean lasting effects on other series as well. Julie is technically a member of the Avengers, but will she be able to keep that mantle as a kid? She might be more suited for Young Avengers now, or a reboot of the Power Pack.

You Are Not Prepared For What Marvel Comics is Doing Next!

X-MEN BLUE #27: Lovers Turned Enemies

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X-MEN BLUE #27. Cover. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Love always hurts, but if you’re a part of the X-Men, you’re definitely going to end up hurting. That fact is certainly true for Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, in X-MEN BLUE #27. The green-haired hero, who used to be the long-term girlfriend of fellow X-Man Havok, is forced to confront her once-lover after his villainous plans for world domination begin to succeed.

Although Polaris and Havok are only together in a few panels, artist Marcus To and writer Cullen Bunn do a fantastic job of creating an appropriate level of heightened drama. After easily defeating the Blue team, Havok extends a patronizing hand to Polaris, who (stupidly) takes it. Polaris tries to convince Havok that under the whole super-villain facade there is still a good person. But, he’s apparently too far gone because before she can say anything else he has her and the other Blue members locked away. Still, there is a moment where Havok (thanks to To’s amazing pencils) looks almost guilty.

Short as it is, the moment between Polaris and Havok is loud in its impressions. These two characters haven’t been seen together in a while, and with all of their history, they deserve some panel time.

Mutants Fight Mutants in X-MEN BLUE #27

Next Week in Unsung Marvel Moments

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