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This week Marvel kept the new series rolling with BLACK PANTHER #1 and HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #1 while still delivering on classic series like DOCTOR STRANGE. With summer coming in just a few weeks, Marvel is making sure to keep things fresh with new creative teams, exciting storylines, and revamped titles.

To help you keep up with the ever-changing world of Marvel comics, we bring you our picks for the week of May 23rd!


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HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #1. Cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The hunt for Wolverine is on and the girls who call the X-Mansion their home are hot on Magneto’s trail. In MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #1, Kitty puts together an impressive all-girl line-up of famous X-Men. The team includes: Psylocke, Rogue, Jubilee, Storm, and Domino. Their task is to find Wolverine’s body before anyone else does. Kitty is sure the theft is Magneto’s doing, which is what leads the team to the Master of Magnetism’s current home: Madripoor. But, as always, things aren’t what they seem.

The issue is really well done, with writer Jim Zub and artists Thony Silas and Felipe Sobreiro merging intense nostalgia with your typical comic book surprises. The whole issue could be considered one of the best Marvel moments of the week, but what really makes MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #1 particularly good is its cast. The X-Men have a lot of badass ladies but they rarely get a team all to themselves. Zub’s choice to bring only female X-Men to the miniseries is a smart move. But I don’t say this solely because of this team’s singularity amid an ocean of male-led series. Wolverine’s closest X-Men friends were all girls: Kitty, Jubilee, Psylocke, Jean Grey, etc, etc. It makes perfect sense for his team of rescuers to be all female as well — most of whom were pretty close with the old Canuck.

An all-girl team also means there are some beautiful fashion designs. Civ clothes or uniforms, these ladies know how to dress. Grab the first issue of HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR in your local comic book store or read it online here.

DOCTOR STRANGE #390: Spider-Man Can Talk to Spiders?

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DOCTOR STRANGE #390. Cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

This week’s issue of DOCTOR STRANGE marks the end of writer Donny Cates’ popular run on the title. A lot has happened since Cates took over the series and transformed it into one of Marvel’s best series of the past year. Strange lost the title of Sorcerer Supreme, became a small-time veterinarian, and moved out of his once-home, the Sanctum Sanctorum. In recent issues, Cates has slowly resolved most of these issues. DOCTOR STRANGE #390 is the final step in Strange’s recovery. By the end of the issue, Strange closes his veterinarian business and moves back into the Sanctum Sanctorum. While it seemed impossible at the start of Cates’ run, everything, in the end, turned out fine.

Looking Back At Miles Morales and Brian Michael Bendis

But, that’s not what makes this issue so great. Spider-Man easily steals Strange’s spotlight during a brief scene mid-way through the issue that tests Spidey’s arachnid knowledge. After hearing about Strange’s veterinarian prowess, Peter asks if Strange can grant him a conversation with a spider. Assumedly, Peter’s always wanted to hear what a real spider has to say to a Spider-Man. Using some magic, Strange creates a world for Peter and a spider, where the two can talk face to face. What starts out as a pleasant walk-and-talk quickly turns morbid when the spider reminds Peter that a spider’s lifespan is less than a year. According to the spider, Peter’s on his last leg. Spider-Man returns to the world of humans a little more frazzled than he was.

BLACK PANTHER #1: Wakanda Goes to Space

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BLACK PANTHER #1. Page 1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates is back and better than ever with his fresh take on BLACK PANTHER #1. The issue takes numerous twists and turns as it is revealed that Wakanda has morphed into an intergalactic empire! Even more astonishing is that the work’s main character is a man who doesn’t even know who he is.

Often referred to as “nameless”, the man only maintains a grasp on his identity through flashbacks to a mysterious woman with striking white hair. Besides this, he lives his day to day life working within the depths of vibranium mines.

Now, BLACK PANTHER #1’s biggest twist comes in its final pages when it is ultimately revealed that the man is actually T’Challa himself. This revelation certainly brings a multitude of questions including, how did the King of Wakanda end up working in a mine?

I’m sure answers are ahead for us, but Coates’ narrative really has us on the edge of our seats! BLACK PANTHER #1 also thrives through its gorgeous artwork from Daniel Acuña. He expertly portrays T’Challa’s uncertain reality that instills a new, refreshing tone within the Black Panther mythos.

MOON KNIGHT #195: Introducing The Collective

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MOON KNIGHT #195. Cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The 2017 MOON KNIGHT run is arguably one of Marvel Comics’ most underrated series. It never falters in its bold and eccentric nature as it successfully establishes its titular hero as a compelling superhero with his own demons. MOON KNIGHT #195 perpetuates that interpretation further as it introduces The Collective into the fray.

When a college professor invites his students to join an initiative that intends to merge the minds and bodies of various individuals who feel isolated from their reality, chaos ensues. As a result, MOON KNIGHT #195’s Unsung Marvel Moment emerges in the confrontation between Moon Knight and The Collective itself. Thanks to artist Paul Davidson and colorist Mat Lopes, the moment is wonderfully disturbing as the duo depict The Collective as a grotesque conglomeration of people. Additionally, The Collective proves to be a worthy opponent to Moon Knight, who unexpectedly fails to overcome the powerful force. He ends up being brought into the entity as one of its 33 personas.

Moon Knight: A Hero Dealing with DID

We then come to realize that The Collective maintains its own reality, fully revealed in the issue’s wonderfully psychedelic final page.

So, from the issue’s mind-blowing artwork to its unapologetically weird narrative, MOON KNIGHT #195 soars from start to finish; but it truly finds its standout moment through the work’s introduction of Moon Knight’s latest, unforgettable villain.

What Lies Beyond in Unsung Marvel Moments

Want more Unsung Marvel Moments? Stay tuned for Marvel Comics’ next slate of issues, hitting stands next Wednesday! From the monumental 800th issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to X-MEN RED ANNUAL #1, there are plenty of memorable Marvel issues to come.

So, check back in with us right here next week to see our picks for Marvel’s best and brightest moments!

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