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But beware all ye who enter here for this post is dark and full of spoilers!

Marvel Comics is rolling out a ton of new content for the summer season! From the beginning of Quicksilver’s thrilling solo series to Laura Kinney’s final adventure in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35, this week’s installment of Unsung Marvel Moments features the latest and greatest in Marvel’s current slate.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into our picks for the week!


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QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #1. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

After writing the brilliant BLACK BOLT series, Saladin Ahmed is back and better than ever with the first installment of QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER. Similar to the introduction of BLACK BOLT, this first issue takes an introspective look at our titular character. Ahmed centralizes on Quicksilver’s isolation and ultimate inability to perceive the world around him as those close to him do.

Now, this week’s Marvel moment takes place in the climax of QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #1. As Quicksilver is brooding about his solitary nature in a world that can’t keep up with him, he suddenly encounters a strange creature. Interestingly, the creature looks just like him and is just as fast. Fortunately though, he defeats the creature before anyone around him can even blink an eye.


Though this sequence appears to be a straightforward battle scene, it showcases Quicksilver’s insecurities. He detests the fact that his good deeds often go unnoticed, even by those who know him. This remoteness is further emphasized by the impeccable artwork from Eric Nguyen and Rico Renzi. They desaturate Quicksilver’s entire reality, removing its dynamic nature. Thus, Quicksilver is incapable of engaging in a world that remains frozen in time. As a result, he has no choice but to maintain a lonely existence.

With this fantastic first issue, it will be interesting to see where Ahmed and company take Quicksilver from here. So, don’t be surprised if you see QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER making this list again in the near future.

X-MEN: THE WEDDING SPECIAL #1 – Family, Flames, and Frenemies

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X-MEN: THE WEDDING SPECIAL #1. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

This week’s WEDDING SPECIAL comprises three distinct stories all revolving around the upcoming wedding between Kitty Pryde and Colossus. Chris Claremont, Marc Guggenheim, and Kelly Thompson are some of the amazing writers who contributed to the issue.

Now, the issue’s brightest Marvel moments come from Claremont and Thompson in their tales “The Dream Before” and “Something Old”, respectively. In the former, Claremont traverses Kitty’s history with the X-Men, highlighting her highest and lowest points. This retrospection ultimately culminates in Kitty’s encounter with apparitions of those she once loved, including Wolverine and her father.

In those encounters, she is reminded of the poignancy of memories as well as the importance of taking chances. Thus, her wedding jitters are put, slightly, at ease.

Finally, Thompson’s story takes Kitty on her Bachelorette Party alongside characters such as Jean Grey, Rogue, and Storm. During the event, Kitty receives a champagne bottle from an anonymous donor who signs the card: “E.F.” When asked who gave her the champagne, Kitty simply responds, “Just an old frenemy.”

This is a brief moment to end X-MEN: THE WEDDING SPECIAL on, but it is nice to see Emma Frost make such a tender gesture.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35 – Doomed Death

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ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Writer Tom Taylor‘s fan-favorite series ALL-NEW WOLVERINE comes to an end in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35. Laura’s last adventure takes place in a possible future, where Laura is the new president of a utopian society. But, thanks to a problem with her DNA, Laura’s healing factor is struggling to keep her alive. With death imminent, Laura takes Gabby and a team of experienced heroes to Latveria in order to fulfill her dying wish: to take down Doom and save her sister, Bellona.

In ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35, Laura does just that. Doom attempts to move his “genius” mind into Laura’s body, but he’s unaware of her illness and the experiment ends in Doom’s demise. With Bellona saved and Latveria no longer under Doom’s thumb, Laura is ready to die. Of course, her “sister” Gabby isn’t going to let that happen. Gabby tells her mentor that they can find a cure for what she has. Death  isn’t an option for the Wolverine.

Laura Kinney Faces Her Final Mission in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35

After over thirty issues of character development, Gabby and Laura have come a long way. From uneasy trust issues to a loving sisterly bond, Laura and Gabby’s relationship isn’t the same as it was back in the early issues. While this issue definitely shows how much Laura has grown individually, I think it more visibly shows how Laura and Gabby have grown together. Laura has learned how to rely on Gabby, and Gabby has learned how to step up and make important decisions when Laura can’t.

This series has come full circle, which means ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #35 is an appropriate ending. Sad, because it’s the end, but appropriate nevertheless. Thankfully, Laura and Gabby are still having more adventures in X-MEN RED and Laura will continue her heroing days in her new series X-23 — coming out in July.


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MIGHTY THOR: AT THE GATES OF VALHALLA. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The MIGHTY THOR one-shot, AT THE GATES OF VALHALLA, is split into two separate tales: “The Tomorrow Girls” and “The Lord of the Realms.” The two tales help tell the story of what happens after the end of the MIGHTY THOR series. While both are solid reads for any MIGHTY THOR fan, “The Tomorrow Girls” by Jason Aaron and the amazingly gifted artist Jen Bartel is particularly well done. According to the story, in the far future Thor has three granddaughters who call themselves the Goddesses of Thunder. Using some fancy Asgardian magic, they travel through time in order to meet their hero: Jane Foster.

Their visit with the once Mighty Thor is achingly sweet. The Goddesses of Thunder are incredibly excited to meet Jane and hear her hammer-filled stories. Interestingly, the girls reveal that Jane’s time as Thor isn’t over. According to them, she’ll become Thor again in the future and punch Odin through three planets. Could that mean there’s a new MIGHTY THOR series on the horizon?

When back in thier own timeline, the girls reveal a particularly juicy revelation: Jane will be a major player in the upcoming War of Realms. This news might not come as a big surprise to some readers, but it surprised me. I knew that Jane was going to come back one day, but I wasn’t expecting her return to be so soon. Since the MIGHTY THOR series was a huge success for Marvel, it makes sense for Jane Foster to reappear in the next several months. Hopefully, we’ll see her again soon.

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Marvel has some big releases coming next Wednesday, including BLACK PANTHER #1, DOCTOR STRANGE #390, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: THE MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR #1, INVINCIBLE IRON-MAN #600, and X-MEN GOLD #28. Come back next week to see what we’ve picked as the Unsung Marvel Moments for May 23rd!

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