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This week in Marvel Comics featured many exciting debuts from notable authors including Matthew Rosenberg and Ta-Nehisi Coates. As you may know, both writers are coming off of great runs from PHOENIX RESURRECTION and BLACK PANTHER respectively. Now they are trying their hand at something new, showing that Marvel Comics consistently maintains dynamic stories.

In addition to these debuts, this week featured the follow-up to the unpredictable wedding in X-MEN GOLD #30!

So, without further ado, here are our thoughts on what Marvel Comics had for us this 4th of July!

IMMORTAL HULK #2: Banner Takes Justice into His Own Hands

IMMORTAL HULK #2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Bruce Banner is on the run, again. He spends his days begging for money and eating a meal if he’s lucky enough. In regard to his green friend, he doesn’t exactly have control over him. In fact, the Hulk has been exacting brutal justice on those he deems worthy.

Thus, this issue’s Marvel moment lies in the final pages of IMMORTAL HULK #2. Writer Al Ewing has established a perfect blend of genres in this series thus far including horror. As a result, IMMORTAL HULK #2 presents a totally original, terrifying tale of the Hulk that defies perceptions of the character.

The final pages in particular showcase that aspect when Hulk confronts a scientist who created a serum with gamma radiation. The scientist, known as Dr. Frye, began conducting human experiments on himself with the serum. When he deemed those experiments successful, he then began administering the serum to his own son. Since his son was an active athlete, Frye believed it would prevent him from obtaining any serious injuries.

Unfortunately, Frye was dead wrong.

His son died immediately after receiving the serum. Also, the serum eventually revealed its effects on Frye, causing him to transform into a radioactive “living ghost.” So, Frye spends his days alone within the depths of the Earth, wishing to die in shame. Due to his sins though, Hulk has a different plan.

Hulk exposes Frye to the world, forcing him to suffer inside and out.

IMMORTAL HULK #2 has quite the brutal conclusion. It also showcases an independent Hulk who isn’t afraid of enacting serious damage amongst people he believes deserves it. As a result, Ewing writes a tale that is engaging and captivating through its horror.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #1: Fear the Power Elite

CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 variant cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates absolutely shines in his debut as writer of CAPTAIN AMERICA. Throughout the issue, he reflects on the fact that the symbol Captain America once exemplified no longer exists. Rather, his symbol is tarnished because of his experiences in SECRET EMPIRE.

Now, Cap must persevere to rebuild his identity as well as the faith of people. Ultimately, what makes CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 such a stand-out in this week’s Marvel slate is how profoundly modern Coates renders the tale. Yes, he preserves the nostalgia associated with the titular hero. However, the conflicts he portrays in the narrative undoubtedly parallel those within a modern setting.

A Man Without a Country in CAPTAIN AMERICA #1

Most of all, Coates showcases the horrifying enemy known as the Power Elite. Ruthless and cold-blooded, the Power Elite are prepared to take over the world. Coates excels in giving us just enough information to catch our interest while maintaining the anonymity of the villainous group he will eventually delve into.

Thus, Coates not only proves how exceptional of a storyteller he is; he also proves that relaunches can generate fresh, innovative stories.

ASTONISHING X-MEN #13: Havok Reborn

Marvel Moments
ASTONISHING X-MEN #13 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Fresh off of one of the most successful X-MEN BLUE arcs so far (“Cry Havok”), Alex Summers is ready to go. The classic X-Men member became a super-villain for a while due to the events in AXIS, but thanks to some psychic meddling via Emma Frost, the Summers brother is back on the good side. Or, at least he wants to be. The X-Men themselves aren’t so sure about welcoming an ex-con back into the fold.

ASTONISHING X-MEN #13 follows Havok as he tries to make sense of a world that’s different than the one he left. Similar to a resurrection, Havok’s return to sanity and moral responsibility isn’t seamless. Few people, even the ones he used to call friends, are willing to trust him. More than anything he wants to do good, but throughout the issue, he finds his X-Men membership has, for the most part, been revoked.

X-Men veterans, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Greg Land, know the mutant world extremely well. They understand that Havok, after all the evil he did, would be treated like dirt by even the holiest of heroes. I think this issue is such an important chapter in Havok’s life because it shows what writers ordinarily gleam over. Crazy stuff happens to X-Men. Usually, that crazy stuff hardly fazes anyone. But, in ASTONISHING X-MEN #13, Rosenberg emphasizes the real-world effects of Havok’s actions. In the world of mutants, every action has consequences.

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