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This week’s slate of Marvel Comics was full of powerful, unforgettable stories. Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’ acclaimed run on SPIDER-GWEN came to an emotional end in its 34th issue while Margaret Stohl kicked off THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL with a stellar issue. So, even though we’re halfway through the summer season, Marvel Comics continues to put out exceptional stories that maintain fresh perspectives.

Without further ado, here are this week’s picks for ComicsVerse’s Unsung Marvel Moments!

IMMORTAL HULK #3: The Might of the Unreliable Narrator

IMMORTAL HULK #3 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Al Ewing’s run on IMMORTAL HULK has been one of Marvel Comics’ highlights of the summer. His balance in delivering a classic Hulk story with distinct elements of horror has made for a unique and compelling series of tales. So, once again, his run unsurprisingly delivers in IMMORTAL HULK #3.

This time though, Ewing’s manner of storytelling takes a radical turn. Yes, he maintains the trend of each issue being a distinct story revolving around Hulk’s own implementation of justice. However, in this issue, the narrative follows reporter Jackie McGee. She interviews four witnesses regarding an event that took place on Mercer Avenue involving a young man known as Hot Shot.

Now, what makes IMMORTAL HULK #3 is not necessarily what took place but the significance of those witnesses’ unreliable narratives.

An Incredibly Unique Story in THE IMMORTAL HULK #3

Each narrative presents an intriguing juxtaposition of tones. For example, the old lady’s story is much more vibrant and fantastical than that of the priest, who presents a much darker interpretation of the events. Interestingly though, despite each person’s distinct tale, they all merge into one vignette of the Hulk. Many continue to deem him a monster from Hell even if he is instilling his own sense of justice upon those he believes deserves it.

Thus, IMMORTAL HULK #3 is yet another frightening adventure that challenges conventional comic book storytelling, further establishing IMMORTAL HULK as one of the year’s best.

SPIDER-GWEN #34: Farewell, Spider-Woman

SPIDER-GWEN #34 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

She’s become an insanely popular character amongst fans since her debut in 2014. Since then, she’s led her own solo series and will be featured in the film SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE later this year. Now, the Spider-Woman of Earth-65’s adventures have come to a (temporary) end in SPIDER-GWEN #34.

The conclusion to SPIDER-GWEN isn’t the most optimistic issue. Gwen has just been released from a year-long prison sentence, and she is still struggling with the fact that her identity has been exposed to the world. Most importantly, Gwen and her father are simply trying to figure out how to navigate their new lives.

As a result, SPIDER-GWEN #34 is very much about new beginnings. They certainly don’t come easy, as Gwen and her father portray. However, changes are necessary, particularly when one is reaffirming their identity in the world like Gwen is.

Thus, SPIDER-GWEN #34’s Marvel moment lies in its final page. Despite her recent hardships and uncertainties, Gwen is still proud of the hero she has become. So, when Gwen stops a criminal who asks who she is, she confidently responds, “I’m Spider-Gwen.”

So, even though this stage of Spider-Gwen’s journey has come to an end, there are plenty more adventures that lie ahead.

THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1: Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

There are a variety of Captain Marvel stories out there. THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 marks the beginning of yet another interpretation of Carol Danvers’ journey into heroism. However, Margaret Stohl’s interpretation may be the most unique one yet.

With no Skrulls, large-scale action sequences, or an overarching villain, THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 focuses entirely on Danvers’ connection to her past. Nostalgia serves as her overarching enemy in the issue as she feels compelled to return home to her mother and older brother. Now, one may not perceive her nostalgia as something negative. However, the memories she associates with home are darkened by the abuse she endured at the hands of her father when he was alive.

Thus, this particular issue is not one you may expect. It’s tragic and removes our titular hero from the situations that tend to define her heroism. In fact, Danvers decides to take an extended hiatus from the Avengers to spend time with her family.

Ultimately, based on this first issue, Stohl’s current run picks apart Carol Danvers. She removes her from her comfortable environment, one in which she finds release from her innermost conflicts by battling enemies. Now, she must confront those conflicts head-on, without using her abilities or her fellow Avengers to support her.

This Week in Unsung Marvel Moments – July 11th, 2018

Klara Returns in RUNAWAYS #11

marvel moments
RUNAWAYS #11 pg 16. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

This week’s issue of RUNAWAYS sees the return of a classic Runaways character who has been notably absent from recent issues of Rainbow Rowell’s series: Klara. You may remember the young mutant from the 2007 RUNAWAYS series, where Karolina and Molly rescued her during a time traveling mission. The young girl was originally from the early 20th century, where she was married to a much older man who abused her regularly. The Runaways brought her to the 21st century and offered her a spot on the team. As a mutant with the ability to control plants, Klara was a valuable member of the team. That is until the FBI placed her in foster care.

Rowell and artist Kris Anka have been putting the original Runaways team back together in their current series. From bringing Gert back from the dead to tracking down college student Karolina, Rowell and Anka are definitely trying to recreate the dream team. So far, most of the team’s attempts to recruit old members have been successful, but in RUNAWAYS #11, they finally meet an impasse. Although she’s in foster care, and no longer saving the world from Skrull attacks, Klara is happy with her new family and doesn’t want to leave.

Always Running

Klara’s admittance stuns the Runaways. They don’t understand why Klara would choose normal home life when she could be a Runaway. This issue shows a side of the Runaway life that we don’t always get to see. The Runaways are like a family in some ways, but they cannot offer the same stability that a real family can provide. As many perks as there are to being a Runaway (like having a dinosaur as a pet), it’s also a pretty hard gig. They’re either moving or fighting or both. Klara choosing her foster parents over the Runaways shows how frightening being a hero can be. It may seem glamorous, but most of the time it just kind of sucks.

Back to the Future in CABLE #159

marvel moments
CABLE #159 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

I know a lot of X-Men fans have been waiting for this issue since Marvel released the cover art a few months ago. What can be better than seeing a young Cable after many, many issues featuring Old Man Nathan? Plus, CABLE #159 marks the first reappearance of Slym and Redd since ADVENTURES OF CYCLOPS AND PHOENIX. In this issue, Cable makes a new friend, but accidentally contaminates the young boy with the techno-organic virus. Soon after, the boy turns into a mechanical monster. Redd, Slym, and Cable have to deal with the event while still keeping their mutant powers a secret from Apocalypse.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really missed seeing the family dynamic between Cable and his “parents.” We don’t get to see it a whole lot since ordinarily Cable is older than Jean and Scott. But in this timeline, Cable is just a kid who relies on Redd and Slym to fight his battles. In comparison to the stone-cold killer version of Cable we all know and love, this is a dramatic turnaround. While I don’t think this issue is for every Cable fan, for those devoted to learning more about the character, CABLE #159 is a key issue.

From our Readers:

@donprimestar writes about CABLE #159: “I liked Cable because we saw his childhood and it made me want to read more about his friend.”

@citizensof_multipleearths writes about LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1: “Absolutely loved this first issue. It was relatable & gut wrenching. The complexity of family life with the underlying image of abuse was painted so perfectly. It had you wanting more by the end. Anxiously awaiting for more back story about Carol Danvers.”

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