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For July 11th, Marvel released a slew of exciting new issues. Our personal favorites were X-23 #1, QUICKSILVER #3, and NEW MUTANTS DEAD SOULS #5. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see what our readers had to say about this week’s comics!

Scarlet Witch Takes Flight in QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #3

QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #3 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER has been a consistently poignant run thanks to the talents of writer Saladin Ahmed. However, of the series’ three issues thus far, QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #3 is undoubtedly the best. Frozen in time, Quicksilver must face off against an untouchable monster. He is frustrated and incredibly lonely since everyone he knows and loves is trapped within time. So, he must face off against the monster alone. Well, at least that’s what he thought.

As Quicksilver faces off against the monster, he reflects on his relationship with his sister. As a result, this particular installment of QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER is totally about the relationship between Marvel’s most famous pair of siblings.

Now, Ahmed doesn’t just traverse the siblings’ history. Rather, he digs deep into the traumas they have experienced and their efforts to have a “normal” life. We witness the hardships they had to endure as well as the rejections they had to experience. With this, despite their closeness, we also witness the differences Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have had from time to time.


Emotional Ride

In the end, though, Ahmed affirms that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch maintain an undying loyalty to each other. That is ultimately why Scarlet Witch is able to break free of her frozen state to help her brother defeat the monster at the end of the issue. This sequence is certainly a beautiful moment, one that humanizes Quicksilver and reminds us of the power of the two’s relationship.

The most beautiful moment of QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #3 lies in its conclusion. To ensure that he doesn’t feel so lonely, Scarlet Witch leaves her brother a live turtle right before she re-enters a frozen state of time. This moment exemplifies the depths to which Scarlet Witch knows her brother. It also gives us a better understanding of Quicksilver’s current plight, one that may no longer seem so hopeless thanks to the undying love of his sister.

It’s Just Another Birthday in X-23 #1

X-23 #1 variant cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

It’s almost Laura Kinney’s birthday in X-23 #1, but she couldn’t care less. However, her sister Gabby doesn’t share the same sentiments. X-23 #1 is a fantastic start to Laura Kinney’s latest adventures. It is full of action, humor, darkness, and great potential for future arcs.

Now, the issue’s strength lies in its characterization of Laura and Gabby. They came into this world through unconventional ways, yet they maintain a humanity in their desire to experience natural human aspects. Thus, the tragedy of X-23 #1 lies in its conclusion. After Laura puts Gabby to bed, she embarks on a monologue about the insignificance of a birthday, at least to her. She perceives herself as a flawed subject, one mere copy of “an army of killers.” So, Laura doesn’t necessarily see a point in celebrating a birthday when she was created to cause pain.

It will be interesting to see the evolution of Laura and Gabby’s relationship in this series. Perhaps Laura’s perception of her own humanity will change once she recognizes the significance of her relationships with those closest to her. Perhaps it won’t.

Either way, X-23 #1 is a near-perfect start to a series that is certainly worth checking out.

Magneto Returns to the Dark Side in X-MEN BLUE #31

Magik Invades the Sanctum Sanctorum in NEW MUTANTS DEAD SOULS #5

NEW MUTANTS DEAD SOULS #5 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The New Mutants’ hunt for Karma’s evil brother, Tran, leads them to an unexpected destination: 177A Bleecker Street. In the previous issue, Tran revealed to Magik that he planned on making Dr. Strange his next target, which is exactly what he does in NEW MUTANTS DEAD SOULS #5. For the most part, this series has been a slow burn, but finally writer Matthew Rosenberg is picking up the action and elaborating on the story a little. Tran’s plans to gain a living body to occupy his undead soul come to fruition and Magik’s fears concerning her Dark Child persona come true (partly). Although it’s taking a while, NEW MUTANTS DEAD SOULS is shaping up to be an important chapter in this team’s development as X-Men.

My favorite part of the issue is Rosenberg’s inclusion of the Sanctum Sanctorum. Not necessarily the building itself, but the inclusion of the world outside of the X-Men. Recent X-Men comics, like X-MEN BLUE, have tried to include characters not normally associated with the X-Men but they’re rarely successful. Because Dr. Strange and Magik share the bond of magic, this issue doesn’t feel as unnatural as, say, a team-up between Jean Grey and Venom.

Although we don’t get to see the “real” Dr. Strange, we do get to see the New Mutants in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Surprisingly, they seem pretty at home there. Even Boom Boom finds the home of the Sorcerer Supreme above par. Perhaps a Dr. Strange and New Mutants crossover series is in the works? We can only hope!

Readers’ Picks

jay_davenport42 from Instagram writes: “I am stoked for Nick Spencer’s Spider-Man and the new X-23. Nick’s quick writing and understanding of the character brings us a Pete down on his luck but not in a man-child kind of way. What he’s teasing at is awesome and I can’t wait for more. X-23 reads as a continuation of Tom Taylor’s previous run and I dig it. It seems like there are more clone conspiracies afoot. Bring me more!”

hallofjoestice from Instagram writes: “I am absolutely flabbergasted by how much I enjoyed AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #1. I wasn’t expecting to like it, given my feelings towards Spencer after SECRET EMPIRE.”

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What Lies Ahead for Unsung Marvel Moments

It’s an understatement to say how great this week’s slate of Marvel Comics was for readers!

Next week seems to be filled with even more solid releases. From the highly-anticipated conclusion of Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez’ run on SPIDER-GWEN to the next installment of X-MEN RED, you certainly don’t want to miss what Marvel Comics is bringing to the table.

So, be sure to check back in with us next Friday when we make our picks for the next installment of Unsung Marvel Moments!

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