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This week’s release of the eagerly-awaited FANTASTIC FOUR #1 definitely caused some of Marvel’s other titles to be slighted, which is why we’re delivering an especially short installment this week. As annoying as that can be, it’s hard to stay mad considering how long Sue and Reed have been out of commission. We’re just glad they’re coming back — even if it means a slower week in comics.

Without further ado, let’s get to ComicsVerse’s top picks for August 8th!


HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #4 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Writer Tom Taylor and artist R.B. Silva laid an absolute bombshell on us this Wednesday in HUNT FOR WOLVERINE: ADAMANTIUM AGENDA #4 when they revealed Laura Kinney’s true origins. For years, writers and readers alike thought X23 was Wolverine’s clone. The research that she and the rest of the X-Men did seemed to prove this point.

Logan’s DNA did indeed create her, but at the end of the issue, Tony Stark reveals that Laura Kinney isn’t actually a clone at all. After looking through Mister Sinister’s DNA database, Tony discovers that Sara Kinney — the woman who carried Laura to term — is actually her mother, not just a surrogate. This means that Logan is Laura’s real dad and Sara was Laura’s real mom.

For anyone who’s familiar with X-23 and her numerous solo series, this will come as a huge surprise. Being a clone is a consistent part of Laura’s character. In the current X-23 series, cloning makes up pretty much the entire plot. This revelation will definitely color the future of Laura’s character — if other Marvel writers decide to keep it. I personally thought it was a good idea on Taylor’s part to shake up the status quo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if others aren’t so keen. Hopefully, the next issue of X-23 will give us some insight on whether or not this huge discovery is the real deal or just more fake news.

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 – The Return

FANTASTIC FOUR #1 cover. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Writer Dan Slott’s work on the reunion of the original Fantastic Four has been one of Marvel’s most highly anticipated events of the year! And now, it’s finally here in FANTASTIC FOUR #1. Interestingly though, the reunion that many expected to take place failed to come to fruition. Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm have come to accept that Reed and Sue Richards have passed away. Therefore, nostalgia coats most of this first issue.

Slott engages readers with the wholesomeness the Fantastic Four has maintained throughout their past adventures. Family values and their desire to explore the galaxy are ultimately what made them successful heroes. As a result, FANTASTIC FOUR #1 is more retrospective than one would have expected. However, that does not mean it doesn’t set up the future of the series.

We come to discover that Reed and Sue Richards are indeed alive as they make a brief cameo upon the end of the issue by setting off the Fantastic Four signal. The Senohpdaeh instills a light of hope in Ben and especially Johnny as the world reignites its faith in the Four. Of course, the Fantastic Four can only exist if the team’s opposite remains in existence: Doctor Doom.

This Week in Unsung Marvel Moments – July 11th, 2018

Thus, overall, FANTASTIC FOUR #1 is a bright issue, one filled with heartwarming moments in addition to exhilarating new beginnings. Most importantly, it strengthens the anticipation for the inevitable reunion amongst the Four that we have all been waiting for.

Next Week in Unsung Marvel Moments

Next week, Marvel picks back up the excitement with releases from some fan-favorite series. August 15th will see ASTONISHING X-MEN ANNUAL #1, EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #1, EXTERMINATION #1, and THOR #4. Check back at the end of next week to see what CV picks as the best issues!

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