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Marvel Entertainment pulled out all the stops this week as they released a multitude of electrifying new issues! From the introduction of the lethal Red Goblin in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 to the conclusion of the acclaimed BLACK BOLT series in its twelfth installment, there were plenty of memorable episodes brought to us readers this week.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some scenes from this week’s Marvel issues that we found to be especially monumental!

BLACK BOLT #12 – The Battle of The Jailer and Blackagar Boltagon

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BLACK BOLT #12. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christian James Ward have redefined the character of Black Bolt in each and every installment of their acclaimed eponymous series. The duo closed out their run on the Inhuman king with this week’s issue, an installment that features a climactic battle between Black Bolt and the series’ main villain, The Jailer.

Now, the aspect that makes this final confrontation so epic is that Ahmed and Ward depict it to be more than just a physical fight. Rather, the majority of the battle takes place within Black Bolt’s own mind!

The End is Here in BLACK BOLT #12

Black Bolt’s son, Ahura, and his loyal companion, Blinky, enter our titular hero’s subconscious in an effort to aid him in his struggle in defeating The Jailer. As the two explore Black Bolt’s mind, they encounter tragic memories of the hero’s past. This experience ultimately results in a reconnection between Ahura and his estranged father. Additionally, we readers attain even more insight into Black Bolt’s origins, therefore further deconstructing a character we have grown with throughout the series.

Ward’s artwork is absolutely impeccable throughout this issue. His work especially stands out in these sequences within Black Bolt’s mind as he incorporates an intimate and unique quality to each and every panel, particularly in the panels’ color palettes. So, though I am sad to see this near-perfect series end, I am satisfied that its run found its end in phenomenal form.

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #5 – The Return of the Silver Surfer

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MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #5. Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The latest revival of the MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE series features an engaging adventure in each installment. This week’s issue takes Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm to an alternate universe. However, the world they come to find is not what they expected at all. They discover that in that world, Reed Richards failed to defeat Galactus. Consequently, this failure allowed Doctor Doom to possess Galactus’ mind and take over the universe. The Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm of Earth criticize the otherworld’s Reed for his failure to defeat Doctor Doom and end the villain’s tyranny over the alternate universe.

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Upon the end of the issue though, we see a glimmer of hope. The Reed of the alternate universe vows to take initiative and face Doctor Doom head on. However, though this moment is definitely an exciting surprise, it is not the biggest twist of MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #5. At the issue’s conclusion, Reed goes to find and recruit Norrin Radd in an effort to defeat an enhanced Doom.

Name sound familiar? Well, Norrin Radd is also known as the Silver Surfer.

This is certainly an unexpected twist, but one that gives the series’ writers plenty of potential to work with.

We eventually come to discover that Norrin is actually living with Emma Frost on an isolated farm. With this, it appears as though he hasn’t used his board in many years. Additionally, he looks human. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this twist is the anticipation of what the Silver Surfer will bring to the fight against Doctor Doom. As of now, he seems powerless and reluctant to help the cause. However, I believe it is safe to say that this cliffhanger is about to open a door to an exciting new adventure in the next installment of the MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE series.

ROGUE & GAMBIT #4 – A Blast From the Past

rogue & gambit #4
ROGUE & GAMBIT #4. Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Writer Kelly Thompson’s ROGUE & GAMBIT series brought our titular heroes to the island of Paraíso on an undercover mission to figure out why a bunch of mutants have mysteriously disappeared from the island. During their time there, they have participated in therapy sessions. They have also had plenty of heart to hearts that have unexpectedly brought the two closer together. Now, ROGUE & GAMBIT #4 may be the most pivotal moment for the on-off lovers in this series.

In the issue’s climactic battle sequence, Rogue and Gambit experience intense flashbacks to integral moments in their relationship. The catch is though, as they experience those flashbacks, they experience them through the perspective of the other person. As a result, the two gain an intimate understanding of the pain and hardships they both experienced but may not have initially understood. The sequence is also an exceptional artistic moment from Pere Perez. He encapsulates our heroes’ reaction to entering the subconscious of the other in an incredibly personal and heartbreaking way.

The Past Brings the Pain in ROGUE & GAMBIT #4

At end of the issue, Rogue and Gambit accept that their journey together has not been the easiest. However, they don’t want to give up trying to make a relationship work. Thus, ROGUE & GAMBIT #4 is arguably the best installment of the series so far. Its pivotal moment is exceptionally poignant and beautifully scripted, which is why that sequence serves as one of this week’s best Marvel moments.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 – Introducing the Red Goblin

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798. Page 20. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

What happens when you mix the Green Goblin formula with the symbiote of Carnage? Well, read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 to find out! In a clash against Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin, Spider-Man finds himself confronted by a new, terrifying force.

In the midst of the two’s climactic battle, Norman gets impaled by some debris. At that point, Spider-Man believes the Green Goblin has been defeated and is close to death, but, to his misfortune, he is completely wrong. Right before his eyes, Norman’s blood begins to turn into something sinister: remnants of a symbiote. The symbiote then begins bonding with Norman, bringing the Red Goblin to life.

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Another battle ensues, but this time, Spider-Man is totally off his guard. He ends up alone and defeated. However, he remains adamant that he will take down Norman Osborn and the Red Goblin once and for all.

Thus, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 truly hits it out of the park with its introduction of the Red Goblin. A new, horrifying character has been introduced into the Spider-Man mythos. It opens the door for new challenges our titular hero will have to face. Most importantly though, the introduction leaves us readers on the edge of our seat, waiting for what lies ahead.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 – Gabby Kinney is All Grown Up

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ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33. Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

We know what happens when Logan grows old in an alternate reality… but what happens to Laura? ALL NEW WOLVERINE #33 offers us an answer in the form of the highly anticipated “Old Woman Laura” arc. The issue opens with our favorite clawed clone taking down a weapons dealer. Because of her classic helmet and suit, I assumed it was Laura who was fighting. But, halfway through the scene it’s revealed that the masked vigilante is actually Laura’s younger clone, Gabby Kinney!

While this might not be your typical soppy coming-of-age story, writer Tom Taylor still knows how to pull at a reader’s emotions. Seeing Gabby fighting criminals and wearing a revamped version of Laura’s old costume is really touching. This is especially true if you’ve been reading ALL-NEW WOLVERINE since the first issue and understand the relationship Laura has with her young charge. Gabby might have claws of her own but Laura is extremely protective of her. Gabby doing the fighting herself — as a grown woman — is surreal.

Although this version of Gabby only lives in the future, seeing her all grown up gives her a new level of character development. She seems immature and silly as a tween in the series, but now we know that when she gets older she’ll take over the Wolverine mantle.

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What’s to Come in Unsung Marvel Moments

Though we’ve covered plenty of spectacular Marvel moments from this week’s issues, there are a ton more we weren’t able to cover in this article alone.

Next week though, there will be plenty more exciting twists and turns to celebrate. The first issue of Gail Simone and David Baldeon’s DOMINO series will be hitting stands along with the 700th issue of CAPTAIN AMERICA. There is plenty of awesome content coming our way from Marvel.

So, be sure to check back in with us next week to see some of our favorite moments from Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming issues!

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