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On Wednesday, April 18th, Marvel Comics brought their loyal readers an abundance of exciting new installments for some of this year’s best comic book series! This week’s works brought us cliffhangers we never saw coming and conclusions to series we don’t want to say goodbye to.

So, without further ado, let’s revisit this week’s most epic, heart-wrenching, eye-popping events that have cracked our list of unsung Marvel moments!

Tales of Suspense #104: Black Widow Takes Down the Red Room

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TALES OF SUSPENSE #104. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The 2017 TALES OF SUSPENSE series has been an impeccable action-thriller series from its engaging start to its dramatic end. The final installment of the series places Black Widow front and center after a long mystery revolving around her loyalty and identity. In TALES OF SUSPENSE #104, we learn that this Black Widow is actually a clone of the original Natasha Romanoff. However, this clone still maintains the consciousness of Romanoff.

So, the reason why this issue lands on this week’s list of Marvel moments is because Black Widow fulfills her mission. She takes down the Red Room alongside Hawkeye and Bucky in an electrifying action sequence that is elevated by Travel Foreman’s phenomenal artwork.

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With this, though the issue brings closure in its climax, it does leave a few loose ends upon the end. The final pages depict Black Widow blowing up the entirety of the Red Room facility while, presumably, inside.

Unsurprisingly, she is not actually dead.

Thus, TALES OF SUSPENSE #104 concludes with Hawkeye and Bucky reading letters Natasha wrote for them before she embarked on the final stage of her mission. In Hawkeye’s, Natasha tells him not to look for her anymore. However, Bucky’s reads a little different. In his, Natasha asks Bucky to come and find her so that they may embark on a new mission together.

This ending definitely left me wanting more as it is so unexpected! Though I have to accept that this series is over, I can still look back on the continuous adventure that was TALES OF SUSPENSE.

Amazing Spider-Man #799: Red Goblin Jr.

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AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

A few weeks ago, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #798 introduced readers to the Red Goblin! That’s right. Norman Osborn morphed into a product of a venom symbiote and the Goblin formula. So, if you read last week’s issue, you’ll know that the results were absolutely terrifying.

Now, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799 features Spider-Man and co.’s attempt to take down the entity Osborn has now become. Unfortunately though, they accomplish very little as it appears the Red Goblin bears little to no weaknesses. So, why would an issue that depicts the defeat of Spider-Man land on this list of Marvel moments?

Well, because the ending is not what anyone was expecting!

The final pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799 show Osborn confronting his family and kidnapping his grandson, Normie. As Osborn taunts the rest of the family in the process, he proceeds to transform Normie into a Red Goblin.

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It is certainly a disturbing, unexpected ending that may lead to dire consequences. For now though, we have to wait and see what the fate of Spider-Man and the Red Goblins are in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800!

Daredevil #601: Matt Murdock Becomes Mayor

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DAREDEVIL #601. Cover. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

New York City just got a serious upgrade. A few issues back, Wilson Fisk (aka Kingpin) became the mayor of NYC. His first abuse of power was, of course, outlawing all superheroes and allowing his crime circle to flourish. In an effort to keep his enemies as close as possible, Fisk made Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil) his deputy mayor. Never in a million years did Fisk think he’d be injured on the job, thus letting Murdock take up the mayor mantle. Unfortunately for Fisk, that’s exactly what happens in DAREDEVIL #600.

The Hand organization takes down Fisk while he’s strolling through Central Park, making Murdock the defacto mayor. However, at the beginning of DAREDEVIL #601, Mudrock is locked up in a van thanks to some of Fisk’s goons. Fortunately, he escapes easily enough and is able to take his rightful seat at the mayor’s desk.

Of course, with The Hand at large, attacking unsuspecting people all over the city, Murdock has a lot of work to do. By the end of the issue, Murdock’s ability to lead has yet to be tested, but we’re pretty confident he’s up to the challenge.

If you want to see Daredevil’s political skills in action, check out DAREDEVIL #602, coming May 16th!

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A ton of highly anticipated issues are coming out on April 25th, including ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #34, EXILES #2, HUNT FOR WOLVERINE #1, THANOS ANNUAL #1, and THE MIGHTY THOR #706. With so much going on, it’s easy to miss something big so make sure to come back next week to check out our Marvel Unsung Moments!

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