The Wasp is having a tough time trying to take a night off in THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP #3 preview. It’s hard to relax when A.I.M has appointed a new lieutenant who’s wreaking havoc on G.I.R.L. headquarters. Check out the preview below!



Written by: Jeremy Whitley

Art by: Gurihiru

Cover by: Stacey Lee

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What happens when the Unstoppable Wasp decides to take a night off with her mentor to enjoy herself? Well, obviously everything falls apart. G.I.R.L. is under attack by the forces of A.I.M., and everybody with super-powers or assassin training is out of the lab. What are they after? Who have they hurt? And who are these new you A.I.M. lieutenants? And has Nadia finally met her physical match in the form of a returning fan-favorite female fighter? G.I.R.L. is about to have a bad night.

THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP #3 Preview Image Gallery

All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


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